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photo for tiger memorial marker Sheba's Stone
Sheba's Photo The completed granite stone


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Sheba came to the Wildlife Waystation Sanctuary in the hills of Southern California with a male tiger and an African lion and lioness in January of 1996 from Nance, Kentucky.  They had been owned by someone who was then in jail and whose father couldn't take care of them.  The sanctuary sent a truck and got them out just ahead of a blizzard.  The lioness was pregnant and gave birth after arriving in Los Angeles. They all lived in one section of the park in separate enclosures, except that the lioness and her daughter were in the same enclosure. The lions passed away one by one and the tigers got moved to another part of the sanctuary, where the male is still with us. 
The area where they were first housed was where I met Sheba and the rest.  I cleaned that area for many years and Sheba and I became very good friends.  We had a special bond.  The area where she was is not on a regular path of visitors, staff, or volunteers.  Since I cleaned there every weekend, I always saved her enclosure for last so that I could spend more time with her.  She loved to put her boomer ball on top of the water bucket and watch us try to get it off for her.  It was a fun game for her.
The photo of her for the stone is one I took in the afternoon after cleaning her home.  She was a very special girl and always greeted everyone when they came up to her enclosure.  I certainly miss her very much.

~Lin Tanenbaum

Beautiful Sheba

Lounging in comfort

Beautiful Sheba Lounging

Sheba's Stone in Place Wildlife Waystation Volunteers Sheba at the Wildlife Waystation

Sheba's Stone
in its final resting place
outside her old enclosure

Willing Volunteers
Sharon, Lin and Billie
Sheba's Last Photo