A site dedicated to loss - both human and animal with some wonderful pointers and assistance.  Peternity hearts LOVE LIVES ON:

An AMAZING organization that provides healing therapy to various communities using therapy animals.  Peternity hearts PAWS FOR PEOPLE :):

We at Peternity feel it's extremely important that people are aware of the dangers of second hand smoke, not only to other humans, but to your pets.  Peternity hearts QUITZA:

Here is another article that outlines the dangers of smoking and 2nd hand smoke to your pets - submitted to us by a Peternity fan, Mary I.- THANK YOU MARY - this is very important for smokers to be aware of!

It is truly amazing all the therapeutic effects an animal can have on us, given the chance.  We were recently contacted by this organization and think their work in helping prevent addiction using animals is therapy is pretty fantastic.  Peternity hearts ADDICTION RESOURCE:

Mercy for Animals works to inspire compassion for animals and works tirelessly to fight for compassionate conditions for our farm animal.  Peternity hearts MERCY FOR ANIMALS:

The Vickers Family who have lost their beloved furry family member Sammy - sent us this resource page as they all have been trying to cope with the loss especially Amanda and Ally who loved Sammy as much as anyone could love their dog.  This has AMAZING links to dealing with Grief, End of Life Decisions and perhaps most importantly how to help your children understand the process - hard as it is for adults, it's terribly hard on young children who, often, are facing loss at a very early age with no reference point. THANK YOU THE VIKCERS FOR SENDING THIS RESOURCE TO US - We think it's really really GREAT:






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