"It was something she could DO about her grief and something she could have to hold onto."
Parent Quote

We created Kidoodlyrocks, right here at Peternity, because we wanted to figure out a way to help children through the difficult experience of loss. A Kidoodlyrock is a pet memorial marker that is engraved with your child's drawing of their pet.


How does creating a Kidoodlyrock help you and/or your child? Read more . . .

In addition to receiving a pet memorial marker, each child will also have the option of creating a page all their own in our Kidoodlyrocks Gallery. Their gallery page will include a photo of them with their pet, any special words that they would like to say to their pet in parting, perhaps a list of favorite things about their pet, their drawing, and a photo of the finished memorial marker.

Kidoodlyrocks White Marble Pet Memorial Stones


marble pet grave marker

Kidoodlyrocks Flagstone Pet Grave Marker


flagstone pet grave marker