Pay tribute to your precious feline with one of our lovingly crafted cat urns. Each pet urn is unique and custom made by one of our talented potters and ceramic artists.

Our hand-painted pet urns below are made by artists we select with care, artists who will create your pet's urn as if it were for one of their own.

Our cat urns are created to be just the right size for your kitty companion. To see many other urn styles available, click here to shop by category.

Play in Leaves Ceramic Pet Urns


Play In Leaves Pet Urn

Pounce On Grass Ceramic Pet Urns


Pounce On Grass Pet Urn

White Petals Ceramic Pet Urn


White Petal Pet Urn

Celestial Raku Pet Urn


Dolphin Blue

Color Photo Pet Urn


Color Photo Pet Urn

Custom Hand Painted Kitty Urn


Custom Hand Painted Kitty Urn

Hand Painted Camo Urn


Hand Painted Camouflage Pet Urn

Hand Painted Falling Leaves Urn


Hand Painted Pet Urn

Imperial Raku Pet Urn


Imperial Raku Pet Urn in Aqua Luster

Kitty Paw Urn


Cat Urn

Kitty Raku Urn


Kitty Raku Pet Urn

Raku Lantern Pet Urn


White Crackle Lantern Pet Urn