Memorialize the love and friendship of your dear doggie with one of the many dog urns in this beautiful collection. Just like the personality of your dog, each pet urn is unique and custom made.

Some of the styles shown below allow you to personalize the piece with your beloved pet's name and the dates of their time on this earth, for no additional charge.

Other styles are hand glazed and hand thrown. For lots of other pet urn styles, click here.

Peaceful Abode Pet Urn


Play in Leaves Ceramic Pet Urns


Play In Leaves Pet Urn

Pounce On Grass Ceramic Pet Urns


Pounce On Grass Pet Urn

White Petals Ceramic Pet Urn


White Petal Pet Urn

Celestial Raku Pet Urn


Dolphin Blue

Custom Hand Painted Dog Urn


Custom Painted Dog Urn

Dog Paw Urn


Dog Paw Urn

Hand Painted Camo Urn


Hand Painted Camouflage Pet Urn

Hand Painted Falling Leaves Urn


Hand Painted Pet Urn

Imperial Raku Pet Urn


Imperial Raku Pet Urn in Aqua Luster

Raku Lantern Pet Urn


White Crackle Lantern Pet Urn

Rose Oval Pet Urn


Rose Oval Pet Urn