Red Alder Wood Pet Urn
Interior of Red Alder Wood Pet Urn
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This classic choice is perfect for small and medium dogs, all cats, and other small family friends. Below, enter your text to personalize this solid wood urn.  We laser engrave your pet's name for a truly one-of-a-kind piece. To customize your urn you can also include nicknames, his or her dates, a sentiment, an epitaph, or even a short poem. Also, choose an optional graphic from our extensive image library below.

Our Alder Wood Urn is easy to place your loved one's cremains within. Click the photo to the left for a larger view of the interior. Unscrew the lid by removing the two screws on the bottom with a screwdriver. Place your pet's cremains within the urn and screw the lid back onto the base. With this urn, you will want to secure your friend's cremains in a sealed pouch. Or, choose one of our cremains bags here to add dignity to your pet's resting place.

Exterior Dimensions: 5.75" L x 5.75" W x 4.5" H
Interior Dimensions: 4.25" L x 4.25" W x 3" D
This urn will hold the cremains of a pet that was up to 50 pounds in live weight.

Location of engraving
Our sample above shows the engraving done on the FACE of the urn.  If desired, we can engrave upon the TOP of the urn.  Simply choose your engraving preference below.

Optional additional engraving
One side of the urn engraved is included in the price of the urn. This urn has 5 engraving surfaces (4 sides and 1 top). If you would like multiple sides engraved, you can add this below.  It is $15 for each additional side you would like engraved (up to four more sides to equal all five sides engraved). Use the comments box for any special instructions. We will email you to confirm your engraving details before creating your piece.
Example: You could engrave your pet's name and dates on the top, a poem on the face, paw print graphics on the left and right sides, and a sentiment or epitaph on the back of the urn. The total for adding four more sides of engraving would be an additional charge of $60 ($15 x #4).

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Choose up to 4 more sides - 1 side is already included with your purchase

Price: $99.00