Versatile Keepsake Box
Mahogany wood tone - everything shown is includedWhite Wash Box - fully open with bottom drawer used as a displayMahogany Box - open with drawer closed
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This wooden memorial keepsake box is a thoughtfully crafted way to provide a home for cherished mementos of your pet. Also equally important, its unique design allows you to pay tribute to your friend after they are gone by displaying photos and keepsakes in your own way. As another included option, it can be used in a memorial service if you are planning one for your pet.

In its compact form, this pet keepsake box can be displayed anywhere in your home. It expands to become a display with a magnetized lid for displaying your photos. The upper platform and spacious side arms give you plenty of room for cherished items, candles and flowers. The bottom drawer also includes a retractable platform for an additional surface. The large drawer can keep mementos, cards and if desired, your pet's cremains.

Closed H 6 ¾” x L 11 ½” x D 7 ¾”
Open H 14” x L 16 ¾” x D 12”
Bottom drawer capacity: up to 150 pounds of live weight
Our Pet Cremains Bags are recommended if you will be storing ashes in this keepsake box.

Choose from two handsome wood tones
White Wash                                                              Mahogany
White Wash           Mahogany

Pet Memorial SignageThis keepsake box includes:
- 1 glass bud vase (shape may vary)
- 2 glass votives with candles (shape may vary)
- 2 magnet picture frames and 3 mini magnets
- 2 reversible mats for the two display platforms
- 1 pad of 50 note sheets + pen
- memorial sign + wooden stand
   (click the picture to the right for a larger view)
- 1 additional wooden stand

You can use this keepsake box to hold items such as toys, collars, tags, sympathy cards and/or memorial service notes. Also, the large drawer can be use to hold the cremains of a pet up to 150 pounds in size. Shown here on the left, the drawer is holding a cremains bag of 15 pounds, a collar and memorial service notes.

Pet Keepsake Box Drawer

This multi-functional and quality box was conceived by a loving pet owner trying to find a way to come to terms with the passing of her own beloved dog. The design is sensitive to the fact that losing your friend may have happened quickly, but the process of healing needs time.

Jill Flynn, a Seattle resident, busy mother, and wife designed her keepsake boxes upon reflection: "I realize and value more then ever the importance of staying connected to the things that matter most - the things that truly fuel my heart and soul... It’s all about CONNECTION - connection with ourselves and connection with others. Because it’s how we live our lives and the people we touch along the way that truly matters. The design and concept is a culmination and combination of all the things that have inspired me throughout my life: images, words, collage, beauty, connection, harmony, function and strength. It is an inviting and thoughtfully crafted slice of personal space and the evolution of the intention board. This keepsake box allows us to use personal images, words and small objects to focus on life’s important and good stuff." 

All visitors to Peternity share the common thread of grief. However, almost all also share the desire to focus on the shared joy and happiness spent with a dear pet over the years. This keepsake box allows you to do just that in a meaningful way.


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