Imperial Raku Pet Urn in Aqua Luster
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This refined pet urn is a gorgeous final resting place for your beloved friend. It is completely made by hand by our ceramic artist, Pam.

The style of the piece is Raku, which is a traditional ancient Japanese firing technique that transforms the glaze of each particular urn in interesting and unique ways. Raku utilizes a special chamber in which straw or dry plant material is placed.  When the red hot urn is placed in this chamber, the organic material bursts into flame, starves the chamber of oxygen, and draws fantastic color and, depending on the glaze, intricate crackling patterns out.

This urn is availalbe in these three finishes:
Sample to the left is the Aqua Luster finish

Lemon Luster Aqua Luster White Crackle
Lemon Luster Aqua Luster White Crackle

Small - holds 45 cubic inches or a pet that was up to 45 pounds in live weight: $185
Medium - holds 75 cubic inches or a pet that was up to 75 pounds in live weight: $235
Large - holds 180 cubic inches or a total of 180 pounds in live weight: $315
Extra Large - holds 220 cubic inches or a total of 220 pounds of live weight: $350
*The large and Extra Large sizes can be used to hold the cremains of one or more pets.

This urn is completely ceramic, including the lid. If you wish to permanently seal your urn, we recommed using a high quality silicon sealant which you can purchase at any hardware store. Place a bead of glue around the lip of the urn and then put the lid on. For tips on using pet urns and storing ashes, please see our Urns FAQs.

Pam hard at workPam Sinclair-Nixon is the talented artist of this pet urn. She has been working with clay for over 30 years and brings much experience and care to each piece she crafts. A lifetime student of ceramics, she finds inspiration in the oldest ceramics in existence, which are often funerary pieces. These ancient urns lead her to explore myths and rituals that transcend time and cultures around the world. She also enjoys incorporating nature into her urns.

To create each unique pet urn she makes, she uses wheel work and also hand building. And often she makes a piece with both. Whether she is using Raku, at which she has over 15 years of experience, electric firing, or traditional firing, you can be assured her full array of skills will be expertly employed in crafting your one of a kind pet urn. 

We have many of Pam's styles available at Peternity. However, if you have something in mind to create that you don't see here, simply contact us. Pam specializes in creating custom urns and has a comprehensive process in place to create sketches and samples to bring your vision to reality. She is happy to work with you on a custom urn for your pet.

Price: $185.00