ceramic pet urn
SKU: urn_bc_lf


Honor your tiny friend for eternity with this petite yet sturdy urn. This quality crafted urn is perfectly designed to contain even your smallest friend's cremains. Little friends leave big footprints on one's memory and this urn will honor that memory with the dignity deserved.

Ideal for hamsters, birds or other tiny critters. If your pet wasn't quite this small, this urn is perfect for a keepsake remembrance of your loved pet.  It could be used to hold cherished items such as ID tags or your pet's collar.

This urn is 1.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide with a 3 inch opening on top. (This does not include the height of the finial.) It will hold up to 7 lbs. of live weight. 

See our lovely Fabric Cremains Bags which are optional to use to help secure your pet's cremains inside of the urn. For tips on using urns and storing ashes, please see our Urns FAQs.

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