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With a commissioned sculpture, you can create a tribute to your pet that will last forever. Your piece of fine art sculpture will be a classic and unmatched way to pay tribute to one of the most special relationships mankind can experience ~ that amazing bond we share with our pets.

Your sculpture will be crafted with care by talented, award winning artist Suanne Martin. Read more about Suanne here. She will work off of your photos of your pet as well as stories and any and all tidbits you can relate to her. She asks these stories and special requests to be put in writing for her reference throughout the creation process.  The more photos, the better so she can create a true to life scultpure of your pet.

Since Suanne works from photos, your sculpture can be for any pet in your life, whether he or she is with you or passed away. After placing your order, we will put you in direct contact with Suanne so you and she can communicate in depth over the details of your sculpture. You will be able to email or mail all of your photos to her.

Click here for information on how your scultpure in created, information on the finishes below, standard turn around time and other frequently asked questions.

To get started, choose from your finishing options below:
(The Labrador Bust was cast in aluminum epoxy resin and is no longer available. For a classic finish, choose the Bronze Patina Finish below.)

Size Polished Finish (white) Single Color Wash Finish Bronze Patina Finish
Small  (Approx. 4"-6" in height plus base mounting) $2350 $2350 $2500
Large (Approx. 7"-9" in height plus base mounting) $2550 $2550 $2700

Click the images below for larger views

Mixed Breed Study

Mixed Breed Study

Dog Sculpture

Example of Base

Bronze Finish

Example of Bronze
Patina Finish

Also available are Full Body Pet Sculptures.

If you have any questions or would like a special sculpture created that you don't see here, please call us at 877-738-7322 and we'll be happy to assist you.

This can be changed after speaking with Suanne and discussing your sculpture details.

Price: $2,350.00