Pet Ringtone
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TO HEAR A SAMPLE NOW! Scroll down to the "Listen to Music Styles" bar below.

Rock along to a completely unique ringtone created for your cell phone and inspired by your best friend - your pet!

Choose from our 6 song styles. The music and melody will remain the same but the lyrics will be custom written for you, and recorded by our talented singer/songwriter.

The song that she creates just for you will be a 30 second ringtone, with lyrics based on your answers to the questions about your pet in the order form below.

WANT TO INCLUDE YOUR PET'S BARK, MEOW OR MOO? Just record about 20 seconds and send it via email in MP3 or MP4 format, and we'll incorporate it into your song!

TO GET STARTED, simply answer the questions below. As soon as we receive your order, we will confirm your details and get started writing and recording your custom song. Once it is complete, we will email it to you in an uploadable format and you can share it with all your friends and family. Click here for more information on uploading your song to your cell phone.

Click here to read more about Alice, your musician and professional recording artist.

TO HEAR THE SONG STYLES, SCROLL DOWN TO THE FIRST BROWN BAR that says "LISTEN TO MUSIC STYLES and select one." Click the arrow next to "Please Select" and scroll through the styles to listen to the full song.

DON'T SEE THE SONG STYLE YOU'D LIKE? Send us an email with what you have in mind and we'll see what we can drum up for you! Addtional fees apply.

Exp: Dog, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Hamster, Ferret, Snake etc.

If you run out of room, you will be able to tell us more when we confirm your order with you by email.

For example: Your dog barking, your cat meowing, your horse whinnying, your pot belly pig oinking etc. You can email this MP3or MP4 attachment after placing your order or we'll contact you for it as soon as we receive your order.

We will attempt to send the ringtone directly to your phone. We will also email you your ringtone to the email address you provide during checkout.

Price: $29.95