Display Stand for Pet Memorial Stone
Sideview of how the stone is supported
SKU: gm_stand_ex

These metal stands with feet are the perfect way to display your pet memorial, pet grave stone, family stone, or garden stone inside or out.

For outdoors, sink the feet into the ground to anchor your stand. The black metal is powder coated so it won't rust or deteriorate in weather. For indoors, simply set the stone in the display and place on a level surface. The middle backbone arches up to support your stone in the back, making for a pleasant angle for reading and diplaying.

Choose your size from our options below.
*Unfortunately, we do not have an exterior stand to fit the 2" Small Black Granite Pet Memorial Stone, 4"x7". If you would like a stand for any other stone purchased elsewhere and not shown in the chart below, just call us at 877-738-7322 for our recommendation or email us at inquiries@peternity.com. We have access to other stand sizes and would be happy to order you the size you need.

Size Price  Recommended For
Small Stand
2" Long feet

All Small and Medium Stones
Small White Marble
Small Green Marble
Small Flagstone
Small Slate
Small Gold Quartz
Small Silver Quartz
Small Three Rivers
Small White Marble Kidoodlyrock
Small Flagstone Kidoodlyrock

Medium White Marble
Medium White Marble Kidoodlyrock

Small 1" Black Granite, 4"x7"x1"
Small 1" Black Granite Photo, 4"x8"x1"
Medium 1" Black Granite, 6"x10"x1"
Medium 1" Black Granite Photo, 6x12x1"
Medium 2" Black Granite, 6"x10x2"


Large Stand
3" Long Feet


All Large and Extra Large Stones
Large White Marble
Large White Marble Kidoodlyrock
Large Flagstone
Large Slate
Large Gold Quartz
Large Silver Quartz
Large Three Rivers
Large Flagstone Kidoodlyrock

Large 1" Black Granite, 7"x12"x1"
Large 1" Black Granite Photo, 8"x12"x1"
Large 2" Black Granite, 8"x12"x2"
Extra Large 1" Black Granite, 8"x14"x1"
Extra Large 2" Black Granite, 9"x14"x2"
Grande 1" Black Granite Photo, 12"x12"x1" 

Grande Stand
3" Long Feet, Extra Wide Base
$43 Grande 2" Black Granite, 10"x16"x2"

*If you are creating a stone with a vertical layout, we may need to recommend a different size stand than in the chart shown above.

Price: $33.00