Pet Cremation Headstone
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These hollowed out black granite cremation headstones are a beautiful way to preserve your pet's memory and cremains. Perfect for the yard as well as pet cemeteries, the thick base adds extra support to withhold the stress of mowers and lawn equipment.

How is this stone made?
The stone is composed of two pieces. The first piece is 1" thick black granite with a highly polished sheen upon which your pet's name and a personalized message are handsomely etched. Then we take your favorite photograph and laser it into the stone for a beautiful finish. The base is of 4" thick gray granite. The center of this base is hollowed out and smoothly finished to cradle your loved one's cremains.

How do I secure my pet's cremains in the stone?
Upon receiving the two pieces, place your pet's cremains in the headstone. The cremains can either be placed in the headstone loose or in one of our lovely Cremains Pouches. Then, to secure the cremains, place the 1" black granite piece on top of the gray granite base by applying the adhesive that will be included with your stone. Once dry, the stone will be a memorial for all time to your beloved friend and companion. Please note - After applying the adhesive to the headstone and attaching the two pieces, we recommend leaving the stone in place for 48 hours to allow it to completely dry.

The sample above is just a sample. Our artisans will be working with you to completely customize the piece to your specifications. Give us a call at 877-738-7322 if you would like some custom support in ordering.


Extra Small
Holds up to 10 lbs. live weight 4"x7"x5"
Small Holds up to 40 lbs. live weight 6"x10"x5"   $290  
Medium Holds up to 60 lbs. live weight 7"x12"x5"   $330  
Large Holds up to 80 lbs. live weight 8"x14"x5"   $370  
Extra Large

Holds up to 210 pounds of live weight

12"x18"x5"   $470 *This stone ships via freight carrier. Please call 877-738-7322 for a shipping quote.

Holds up to 315 lbs. live weight

  $530 *This stone ships via freight carrier. Please call 877-738-7322 for a shipping quote. 

Your Photograph
You will submit your digital photo on the next page of the order process. Really large files don't always upload properly so if your photo will not upload, just continue with your order and we will contact you to get your photo via email. If you do not have a digital photo, just skip the step of uploading a digital photo and we will give you an address to send your photo to by mail when we contact you to confirm your order details. If you're having any problems, you can reach us at 877-738-7322.

Begin designing your stone below with your choice of epitaph, font and text. You will be a part of the creative process after purchase and will see a proof of your marker before we do any engraving. You will have plenty of opportunities to add text or make any changes that you want. Changing your mind is perfectly okay!  We can most often fit all the text you want on the stone, including short poems, insriptions from multiple family members, and your sentiments.  For over 40 words, not including dates, there is a $10 charge for setup and engraving that will be added to your credit card after we receive your order.

Shipping Information and Warranty
This item takes approximately 3 weeks to create and ship. Please click here to view a map of the time in transit to ship to your location. Expedited shipping is available. Click here to view and print the warranty on this stone.

Click here for some suggestions. 1-3 lines recommended. You will also have plenty of communication with us after purchase if you need to make adjustments.

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