Custom line drawing
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Here at Peternity we can create a custom drawing straight from a photograph of your friend. Below, see the translation from from photo to drawing and then drawing to stone. The drawing we create for you will be engraved on any of our pet memorial stones instead of (or in addition to) a clipart graphic from our library. These drawings take an already special memorial for your friend and really make the finished product spectacular. Scroll down to see examples.

Face/Bust Drawing: $65
Full Body Drawing: $95
For a price on multiple pets, please email us for a quote at

- Generally, we recommend drawing just a bust image - so our artist focuses on the face and upper chest area so that we can get a good amount of detail. However, we are happy to draw full body images and can also draw multiple pets.
- When you order below, you will be able to upload a photograph of your choice for the drawing to be created from.  Please choose a clear photograph. After receiving your order, we will email you to confirm your photograph will work nicely.
- When we contact you to confirm your order details, you're welcome to email additional photos for reference. The main photograph will be used primarily for the drawing, including perspective. At this time, you can also give us any special instructions. (for example, do not draw the tags even though pictured)

After we receive and confirm your order, we'll get started on your drawing. Please allow approximately 5 business days for your artwork to be completed. We will email the drawing to you for your approval. After it is approved, we will create a full proof for you of your artwork and text in a mockup on the stone. After the final layout is approved, we proceed to engraving. If for any reason you're not happy with the drawing, your entire purchase total will be refunded to you if you need to cancel your order.
Below are several examples of stones engraved with custom drawings.

MATTIE - On Mattie's drawing, a border was added around the drawing to add definition to the artwork.
Mattie Custom Drawing
ANDY - Andy's dad wanted to keep the text minimal and have the focus be a full body drawing of his boy.
Andy Custom Drawing
 TIPPER - Tipper's dad searched high and low to find the perfect photo in focus that showed her distinct black and white features.
 Tipper Custom Drawing
BAMBI - Although Bambi's tail feathers were a bit cut off in the photo, we were able to use alternate photos to complete the artwork.
 Bambi Custom Drawing
ANNA - Tri-coloring on pets can be achieved with shading, as Anna's drawing here showcases.
 Anna Custom Drawing

If you have any questions at all, email us at Or, call us at 877-738-7322 to speak directly with the artist who will be creating your drawing.

Price: $65.00