Black Granite and Gold Fill Pet Memorial Stone
Black Granite and Silver Fill Pet Memorial StoneBlack Granite Pet Memorial Stone - No Paint Fill
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A granite headstone is a classic choice to create a lasting memorial for the special friend who has graced your life. 2 Inch thick granite is an extremely durable stone. It is well suited to a home garden, home gravesite, or pet cemetery. 

No two pet memorial stones we create are exactly the same. Each and every pet is special ~ the pet memorial we help you create should be just as unique. We do every layout and etching by hand so that the text and graphic you choose are placed perfectly upon the stone. And the stone itself is solid black granite so it will never fade.

The top of the stone is highly polished. To complete your design, choose the paint fill of your choice (options below) to customize your stone. 

The samples on this order page are just ideas. Your stone will be completely customized to your specifications. Design your stone below with your choice of epitaph, font, color and graphic.

Choose your color:

Gold Silver Natural (white)
Black Granite and Gold Pet Memorial Stone Black Granite and Silver Pet Memorial Stone Black Granite Pet Memorial Stone

  Available in five sizes:

Small 4"x7"   $95
Medium 6"x10"    $130
Large 8"x12"   $165
Extra Large 9"x14"   $200
Grande 10"x16"   $235

Shipping Information and Warranty
This item takes approximately 3 weeks to create and ship. Please click here to view a map of the time in transit to ship to your location. Expedited shipping is available. Click here to view and print the warranty on this stone.

WHAT IF I WANT MORE TEXT? No problem! We can most often fit all the text you want on the stone, including short poems, insriptions from multiple family members, and your sentiments.  For over 40 words (each date counts as one word) there is a $10 charge for setup and engraving that will be added to your credit card after we receive your order.

If you are placing this or any stone from Peternity at a Pet Cemetery, be sure to check with your cemetery for any requirements/specifications before ordering.

Click here for some suggestions. 1-3 lines recommended. You will also have plenty of communication with us after purchase if you need to make adjustments.

Price: $95.00