Light Pink Pet Cremains Pendant
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Made to be worn as a necklace pendant, our Swirling Galaxy beads are a gorgeous option to remember your beloved pet.  This non-traditional pet memorial includes a small amount of your pet's cremains in the glass.

Our talented glass artist, Leatrice, has created these beautiful cremains beads as a way to celebrate and commemorate the life of your pet. By working with approximately two tablespoons of your pet's cremains, she creates a one-of-a-kind pet memorial by infusing your pet's cremains while shaping the glass. The end result is stunning. Your pet's cremains gently swirl around the center of the bead and are visible as a white-ish color within the glass.

Choose either a sterling silver plated bail or 24 karat gold plated bail to finish your pendant.  The bead is approximately 3/4" in size, not including the bail. It will be delivered to you on a 30" sheer ribbon, though you can transfer your pendant to a chain of your choice.

Click the thumbnail images to the left for larger views.  Main photo: Light Pink
From left to right: Dark Plum, Pulsar, Lavender and Blue

To Get Started

1. Choose a bead color from the options above.
2. Choose your metal tone for the bail.

Upon receiving your order, we will send you a cremains collection kit. Click here for more information on how this kit arrives, how to send your pet's cremains to us, and other FAQ's.

Price: $160.00