Pet Memorial Pet Cremains Bead - Blue
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A modern twist on our Perfect Memory Bracelet Beads, these hand-formed, dotted design beads are a meaningful way to have the memory of your pet with you forever.

The beads are made to fit all large hole bead systems and are custom made to order. Depending on the color of your bead, the inset is either sterling silver or 24 karat gold, plated.  If you have a preference on the inset metal tone, just let us know in the comments box on the checkout page.

Our talented glass artist, Leatrice, has created these beautiful cremains beads as a way to celebrate the life of your pet. By working with approximately two tablespoons of your pet's cremains, she creates a one-of-a-kind pet memorial by infusing your pet's cremains into the glass while forming the bead. The end result is stunning. Your pet's cremains gently swirl around the center of the bead and you will see them as a white color. 

To get started, simply choose your bead color. Click the images to the below for larger views.  (Not pictured - Available also in Gray) If you would like a custom color, please go to the Perfect Memory Bead order page here to create a bead of your color choice. Upon receiving your order, we will send you a cremains collection kit. Click here for more information on how this kit arrives, how to send your pet's cremains to us, and other FAQ's.

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