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I received the pet memorial stone today. It's lovely. I just wanted to let you know that my family is very grateful to you and will recommend you to all of our pet-owning friends.

We received the river rock pet memorial marker yesterday. I wanted to "thank you" and your company personally for the beautiful job that was done in creating the rock for our rabbit Snowy. It will bring many years of happiness in knowing that we acknowledged her life with such a wonderful stone. Gratefully yours,
Lisa Ryan

Please thank your staff (and yourself) for even having this kind of website available. It is making it easier to transition after the loss of my pet. It leaves a big empty space in my heart, and it's helpful to be able to know that there are services out there that provide a way of putting a hard event like this into an easier method of dealing w/the grief.
Heather Voorhees

I just received the corrected pet grave marker for my little dog, Cocoa. The marker is absolutely beautiful! There was a small engraving error on the first marker. I called Peternity and the lady who helped me was wonderful. I told her I had hesitated to call, but she said, "No, you should have it exactly the way you want it." She was so caring, and we received the corrected marker in no time. Cocoa was our six year old yorkie, who died in a tragic accident. The grief has been overwhelming. Seeing the beautiful marker on her grave has been a good thing. Thank you so much for your compassion. You are doing a great service for people. Sincerely,
Joan Schlottmann

This e-mail is a little late coming, but I wanted to thank you for helping me receive Saddie's pet memorial stone so fast. I hope I won't have to contact you too soon, but, I know your company will be the first I contact. During that sad period, it was a pleasure to deal with someone who understood. Thank you again. I wanted to let you know that I placed the stone over Saddie's grave which is in my backyard. My Noel, Saddie's best cat friend, (who I usually don't let out because she runs all over the neighborhood and I have to chase her), got out one day, went over to where Saddie is buried, laid down next to the stone and didn't move for 45 minutes. It was very beautiful and very sad to see her laying there. I just thought you might enjoy Noel's story. Again, thank you for your help and for expediting Saddie's stone.
Jane Regan

I am very pleased with the quality of Candy’s pet grave marker . It is a beautiful memorial to her. I was especially glad to see that you offered the white and black kitty icon. Candy was a tuxedo cat, and the image on the stone looks so much like her. I also appreciate your kind words of sympathy at this difficult time. I will not hesitate to use your services again, and will recommend you to others as well.
Tani Herdell

I just wanted you to know that I received the pet memorial stone I ordered and upon seeing it, was delighted to find it surpassed my expectations. You did a beautiful job and every time I look at it in the garden in that particular favorite sunny spot of Eddie's, it brings a smile to my face. Thank you for your superior workmanship, your professional courtesy, and most of all, your extra kindnesses while doing business. Peternity's values are obviously top notch and I can't tell you how much that is appreciated. Sincerely,
Faith Fugate, VERY satisfied customer

The pet memorial stone was just perfect!!!!! Everyone was well pleased. We placed it in the landscaping before church, this past Sunday. Thanks so much, Beverly and Family
Beverly Van Gilder

We just received the pet memorial marker for our dear dog Chappy. Thank you so much, it is perfect.
Sharon Hartman

I wanted to let you know that the pet memorial stone arrived today. It is beautiful and exactly what I wanted to mark the final resting place of my beloved cat, Smokey. Thank you very much for your nice note and the expedited production/delivery of the stone.
Joanne Nickerson

After losing my beloved 18 year old Maine Coon cat, Puddy, I was devastated. He was my companion and ‘baby’ for as long as I can recall. I wanted to bury Puddy with all the dignity a beautiful, sweet, faithful kitty deserved. I found the Peternity website and was impressed with not only the stones I saw advertised, but by the prices, as well. Almost one month to the day Puddy was buried I received his pet tombstone in the mail and I can’t begin to describe how beautiful it is. It is dignified as well as sweet, paying tribute to a most remarkable little creature who gave me so much love and happiness. I cannot imagine any other stone doing as much justice to him. Thank you to Peternity!
Tamara Eastman

I first want to thank Colleen for taking the extra time with me that she did. She first changed a graphic from a female to a male dog then changed the hair color to make it look just like my Spunky. She never rushed me or made me feel like I was asking her to do something that couldn’t be done. I received the pet grave marker yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes, it was more beautiful than I could have imagined. Spunky was 12 years old when we lost him and I will never forget the day we got him, the years in between, or the day he left us. I really believe he waited for me to get up before he took his last breath. I was holding him like a baby and he was looking right at me with his trademark of his little tongue sticking out and went peacefully. Thanks to Peternity, I now have a beautiful reminder of how beautiful Spunky was to our family. Colleen, you don’t know how much I appreciated all that you did for me! Thank you so much.
Juli McNair

We received our pet marker yesterday. It is beautiful. You certainly did a wonderful job. If Picton were still alive, he would put his "pawprint" right on it.. Thank you so much...
Dorie and Fred Bater

We miss our beautiful Bouvier, Roux, so much. The large pet memorial stone we ordered from Peternity for his gravesite fits in well on our wooded acreage, yet has allowed us to express our sentiments to him. We were Emailed photos of two stones and were able to pick the one that we wanted. There were ready-made graphics of Bouviers available to put on the stone, and we choose the one that looked just like him. That made it all the more special.
Louise Hayes

We received Skeeter’s pet memorial marker yesterday and it is just as beautiful as we hoped it would be! Thank you so much for your attention to detail & your fine customer service. I will recommend you to my animal loving friends.
Pat Choquette

I am very pleased with the memorial stone I ordered for our beloved Boxer, Buffy. The craftsmanship and quality is outstanding and the etching of the Boxer head looks just like her. Our family misses her dearly, but the memorial stone is a beautiful tribute to her. I would definitely recommend your company and web site to others.
Sharon Parks

When my beloved dog Gorse passed away I was so sad I didn't know what to do with myself. I have three other dogs, and adore them all, but each one is special and unique in my heart. My son and his fiancee gave me the pet memorial marker which we placed in our ranch. It has made the place even more special; it is where I go to say hi to Gorse, to tell him how much we miss him and love him, to ask him to take care of the other doggies. He was an amazing, loving companion who is always present in our lives; the memorial marker confirms that. Thank you.
Selene Soler

I was very pleased with the service and understanding given by the people at Peternity.com. When I realized I had inadvertently left a line off the pet memorial stone , I contacted them fully expecting to be told that the order was already placed and could not be changed. To the contrary, I was greeted with a "No problem, we'll take care of it". They added the line and I am very happy with the way the stone came out. It is now resting in a place of honor in our backyard, a fitting remembrance for a great dog.
Larry Duchnowski

Words cannot express how happy I am with my Poms pet emorial stones . They are absolutely the most touching memorial for my Poms. My husband and I have built a stone encased flower garden for our girls. We have a statue of St. Francis there along with their beautiful stones. I know you hear from your customers how special their animals are to them but I believe your stones truly make our animal friends more special. It is such a comfort to me to walk outside and visit my Poms. I know that they are not physically here but being able to see their names this way brings comfort to me. Many thanks to you for your help and for this wonderful service you provide. Even though we have never met I feel you understand about  the loss of my Poms. You are indeed a special person.
God Bless,
Michelle Brown, Peachie and Pebbles Mom

I wanted you to know that I received the pet grave marker today and it’s beautiful. Thanks so much for your kind attention and lovely work. It is actually for friends of mine in Missouri. They are the ones who lost Kiki. She was a sweet and lively little spirit who made all the neighbors fall in love with her. I’ll be shipping it to them tomorrow. Thanks again!
Diana Sherris

The pet gravestone arrived today and I wanted to thank you – our whole family loves it, and it will be perfect under the tree in our back yard. We will have a little "ceremony" soon and the stone will be the perfect finishing touch. At first, I was resistant to the idea of burying Holly (her ashes) in our yard, but I was willing to go along with it for my son. I thought it would be depressing, but after getting our lovely memorial stone from you, I now know it will be a comfort to be able to look out into our yard and see her memory preserved in such a beautiful way. Thanks again!
Christine Pedeaux

I received Nick's pet headstone today and it looks great!  I bought this for my father's dog who passed away in April. My father is a farmer and Nick was his main farmhand. NIck and Daddy sat in the office at the farm all day together. For 12 years they were together just about everyday.  In April, my Dad got sick and was diagnosed with Cancer and wasnt able to go to the farm for 3 weeks. Nick quit eating. My cousin had to go by and hand feed him 3 times a day.  After my dad got out of the hospital and started to feel better, he drove out to the farm to see Nick. Now, keep in mind this is a 12 year old lab with bad joints and hips, overweight, almost completely deaf and blind.  When Daddy walked in, he yelled Nick's name, and Nick jumped up like a puppy, ran so hard towards Daddy he almost knocked him down, and just started licking him to death. Then Nick ran over to his food and ate every bit of it. That day, Nick never left Daddy's side. The next morning, Daddy got a phone call from my cousin, the Farm Manager, and he said Nick had passed away in his sleep.  We knew he was old and sick, and it was only a matter of time before he was headed to Doggy Heaven. The most beautiful thing about this story is it seems like Nick waited until he could say goodbye to his Best Friend before he headed off on his journey. So again, thank you so much for the beautiful headstone.  We really appreciate it.
Maura Pirani

Losing a pet is incredibly difficult ... bringing with it a grief that is very real and most heartfelt. Thank you for helping me to create a lovely and appropriate memorial for my much beloved, Coco. Who would have thought that a small five pound Yorkie could fill my heart with such joy and love. I cannot thank you enough for all of your thoughtfulness and kindness when I called to place my order. The engraved granite stone was just perfect. You fulfill a need for those of us who have shared a special bond with our pets. These once in a lifetime companions deserve a special tribute, and you create exemplary products and work. Your name will be on my lips forever whenever someone loses a beloved pet. Again thank you and may God bless you!
Sylvia Trapuzzano

Well, the pet memorial stone arrived today and it is even more perfect than we were hoping. The size, color was perfect for the spot where our Sissy is now, we miss her very much. This will help in healing things along, thanks so much.
Ricky Mayeux

Cory the Corgi was a very big part of our family. Since he passed there is a hole in our family. We still look for him to come running when we come home. I swear I hear him walking in the house from time to time. When I drop some food on the floor I turn to call him for clean up. When he passed, we wanted to mark the event as well as his resting place. I looked on the web and found Colleens' site. Right from the start it became clear to me that she was more than just a business person selling a product. Colleen's genuine compassion and concern came shining through every aspect of every conversation and correspondence. People are very emotional about losing a pet. That can make them easy targets for disreputable business owners who just want to sell you something. Colleen made the process less like business and more about healing. She has been the first part of filling the hole left by Cory. The pet memorial stones are beautiful and perfect in every way. Our friend Cory passed and we made a new friend in Colleen. Thank you Colleen.
Jerry Cormier

My pet’s name is Hunny. Losing her was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I along with everyone in my family treated her like a true family member who we miss so much. Preparing for her burial was difficult. So many decisions to make and I wanted to make sure we made the right ones because I felt like this was our last gift to her. When I came across Peternity.com, there was a sense of warmth that I felt through the website. Weird, but I did. When I spoke with Colleen, the warmth and hospitality I felt was validated. Colleen worked with me to find the best marker and she was so patient through the process. She understood where I was coming from and wanted to hold my hand until I felt comfortable, which really helps at this time in one’s life, like mine. Thank you so much for making her pet grave marker as special and unique as she was.
Annie Dang

I do not know enough words to express how much I love and appreciate Little Caesar's Pet Memorial Stone . Having this item in my home brings to me feelings of comfort, warmth, love & appreciation to my friend who has "moved on."  It reminds me that he was such an important part of my life. That part of him still lives on through me; and, part of me passed on with my precious baby. When I see and touch this beautiful memorial stone, it helps to remind me of how precious each moment that we spend with our loved ones is; and, how often we do not realize how much they have taught us, and the impact they have had on our life, until they are gone. Little Caesar lived with me for 14 years.  He was there for me during many periods of distress.  I miss him very much!  I very grateful to have such a beautiful memorial stone that reminds me how much such a little fellow could have brought so much happiness into my love. I miss him, big time!!!  His special memorial stone helps me to deal with my loss, and remember the positive impression his life has made on me.
Wanda Jackson

I received my pet memorial marker today. It's beautiful and will help me as I mark what would have been my Maggie's 14th birthday. I truly appreciate your email responses and consideration of my request of the arrival date. It means a lot to me that a company is so personal in it's service. Your wonderful service and the placement of the stone is helping me deal with my heartache. I'm glad you understand. Thank you.
Dori Anderson

My dog was a special part of our family and your pet memorial marker made me feel that I had done all I could to bring some closure. The stone was perfect and a really nice tribute to my beloved Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Bear. Thank you so much. I have 2 other dogs and with the way things go in this world, will be back for additional stones at some point in time. Thanks so much.
Heather Herod

I gave one of your pet memorial plaques to my sister when her cherished lab Klinger, passed away. It meant so much to her. She keeps it on her kitchen counter and I often see her give it a little caress as she passes by. Thank you for allowing me to bring her comfort.
Dan Bouter

Meisha's pet gravestone is just perfect, and my husband was so surprised and pleased. It is not just the stone, which we appreciate so very much, but also the unexpectedly personal care and attention that was given by the peternity staff.  I already have given your web address to others, and will continue to do so, and will use your services again in the future, when the time comes. Thank you so much for all your help. Thank you so much for all your help.
Linda Kiliszewski

When Kimba died at the ripe old age of 20, I wanted to find a pet monument that would allow us to express our love for her in a dignified way and that would last forever. We found that monument with Peternity. It is a beautiful stone that will last a lifetime and will always remind us of our beloved cat.
Lynn Rizzo

I just received my pet memorial stone for Gibby Girl. How absolutely beautiful! It is the first time I have ordered something like this and I can’t believe how it moves me. Thank you so much.
DeHaven Collins

Life's not the same without my best friend Max. Thanks for creating such a special pet garden stone to help me mark his passing. I really appreciate all of the time you spent on the phone with me trying to figure out exactly what to choose. Your time and attention are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Jason Cohn

I was 100% + satisfied with my Callie's marble pet memorial marker . It was a beautiful memorial for my precious, beautiuful, beloved Callie girl, my sweet kitty. I go out back to her grave many times a week and talk to her and pet her grave and stone. I had the picture of a cat's face (which reminded me of Callie) and the image of a cat sitting up and I love the stone. Thank you so very much. I have four other cats but miss my beautiful Callie. Again, I was so very pleased with the stone.
Elaine Ritchey

I received the marker today and it looks great. You're company did a fine job.
Steve, Albemarle, NC

I am very pleased with the pet memorial stone that I purchased from you. The stone was actually prettier in hand than it looked on the web page. It was really an emotional experience for me when I saw it. I want to thank you for the memorial stone. You have an honorable profession. You touch a lot of people's hearts.
Donna Palmer

Thank you very much for my pet memorial stone . I love it and I will certainly always cherish it! There is nothing that I can think of to improve it - it's perfect! I will, most definitely, recommend your site to others!
Regine Michiel

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