Please keep a copy of this page for your records with a copy of the receipt we email you at the time of your online purchase.

Pet Memorial StonesWHITE MARBLE
We offer the full warranty below for our white marble stones if displayed inside the home.  For white marble stones placed outdoors, there is no warranty on the engraving.  Over time, it is possible the lettering will fade due to weather. 

All other genuine pet stones manufactured and created by Peternity are guaranteed against and for the following:

- Stones will be free from cracks upon arrival.  If your stone arrives cracked, please contact us immediately at 877-738-7322 so a claim can be filed with the shipping carrier.

- Our stones are guaranteed not to fade, disintegrate or corrode over time.

- The sand blasted engraving is guaranteed for the life of the stone.

- The fill paint we use on the engraving is outdoor grade and weather proof.

All our natural stones are durable rocks. However, if an object is hurled against the marker it could chip or break the stone. We also recommend not placing the stone somewhere it would be stepped upon.  Uneven weight distribution could cause the marker to break. You may use the bluestone markers and rocky mountain tumbled quartz markers as a stepping stones if desired. If you are building a border or special setting for your pet's stone, please exercise care with tools around the stone. 

To set your stone, clear a flat area. We recommend laying down a bit of sand under the stone to help even out the setting. Put the stone in place. Then wet the area down and the sand will help keep the stone in place.

Do not use harsh chemicals on your stone which could cause damage to the laser engraving. To clean, simply use warm soapy water and rinse.

Please email To bypass shipping your stone back to us, please send photographs of the stone including pictures of any areas in question. (If you are not able to send photographs, please let us know.) Include explanation of issues/problems with your stone and a phone number where you can be reached for further questions.  Upon receiving your email we will determine if your stone falls under warranty and will replace or repair as needed.  **Customer is responsible for shipping charges of replacement stones created under warranty.