Creating A Sanctuary For Your Beloved Pet         
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The pet memorial marker that you choose to honor the passing of your beloved pet is a significant and delicate decision. Once you receive your beautiful pet grave marker, choosing the right place to put it is another decision to be made. Pet memorials stones can be placed in bookstands on a mantle, an end table, dresser, or in an indoor sanctuary that you create in a special place in your home. What we find most popular however, is the use of pet markers as pet memorial garden stones. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for the space that will surround the symbolic grave marker of your dearly departed friend. Memorial gardens are very therapeutic places to sit and think, meditate, or just sit in silence in honor of your dearly departed family pet. Pet grave markers are very often nestled into a bed of flowers, added to a rock garden, or placed at the base of a special tree.

Flower Gardens
Pet memorial garden stones look beautiful placed in flower beds. The contrast of the bright, colorful flowers against the browns, grays and darker colors of the memorial grave markers is stunning and really makes the pet memorials markers stand out. Monochromatic flower beds in pinks, reds or yellows are just as effective as flower beds of mixed colors. Ground covers such as ice plant or ivy are also beautiful, but you need to be mindful of preventing the plants from covering up your memorial stone over time. These ground covers can be very aggressive. English and Japanese gardens are particularly nice homes for pet memorial garden stones as they often include benches or other restful places to sit and reflect. Tropical and sub-tropical gardens often have wide sweeping beds, perfect for placing your pet grave marker. Layout and colors are more dramatic with cool, shaded areas for relaxing and contemplation.
Symbolic Trees
Your choice of tree to set your memorial garden stone under could be a tree that your cat loved to climb, your dog liked to lay under or your rabbit used to run around. If you would like to plant a tree in memory of your animal, there are a wide variety of trees known for their sacredness, sycamores, oaks, willows, palms (the palm signified eternity in ancient Egypt), fruit trees. The sycamore tree carried special mythical significance in Ancient Egypt. Burial coffins were often made of sycamore wood and tombs were often planted near sycamore trees. They believed that coffins made of sycamore would return the deceased to the womb of the mother tree goddess. Sycamore trees are found throughout the United States and have the largest leaves of all American trees. This is wonderful because all of those beautiful, large leaves can provide a peaceful, shady retreat in which to rest and meditate, the perfect spot to place your pet memorial grave marker. The majestic willow tree is probably the most symbolic tree in the world, symbolizing the beginning of Spring, a hopeful sentiment in marking the passing of a loved one. It was believed in Celtic times that the energy of the willow was able to put people in touch with their deepest emotions and allow them to be expressed. In Aromatherapy, the willow's essential energy is used to facilitate healing as it is believed that the energy of the willow tree is able to cut through many levels of sadness, pain, and grief. What a perfect place to set your pet memorial garden stone, under a willow tree, where you can sit in silence and maybe begin to heal your heart. Historically and biblically, fruit trees symbolize life and renewal. If you live in a warmer climate you may already have an olive, lemon or apricot tree in your yard that could provide a welcoming home for your pet memorial garden stone.
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