Losing a pet is never easy.

Having grieved over many dear loved ones ourselves, we truly understand how difficult the grieving process can be. In this section we list a variety options for grief and bereavement support and counseling. Because everyone's needs and beliefs are so vastly different, we try to offer as many different types of options as we can. We hope that you will find something of value that will help you to move through your own personal process of grieving.

We wish you deep healing and peace of heart,

The Peternity Family

Pet Loss Resources

International Candle Ceremony

On Monday evenings all across the globe, candles are lit in memory of our pets. It is a very healing ritual with no adherence to any religion or creed, just a simple lighting of candles to bring us all together. All of the tribute pets are honored as well as special needs pets and abused and neglected animals. The Candle Ceremony is not done on-line. Each of us lights our candles in our own way, and privately, but since we share a common love and since most of us do light them at the same time, we are joined in love and in spirit.

Claire Chew, MA, member ADEC, APLB, ADEC, AHVMA

Claire Chew is a Transforming Life Coach who offers Spiritual Psychology and empowerment tools to clients wanting to change their lives around. Fourteen years ago Claire’s life looked great on paper. Then her dog Sophie was diagnosed with liver cancer. Sophie’s death became the catalyst to heal Claire’s own unresolved grief. She left her 6 figure career in design and advertising to help pet lovers cherish, celebrate and commemorate the love their have for their pets.  

On a plane ride back from New York, Claire shared her love for the animals with someone who at the end of the flight handed her a 10k deal memo on the back of a cocktail napkin and Luxepets was born.

Today, Luxepets has grown to include a very special passion project, Modern Pet Loss. At www.modernpetloss.com,  grieving pet owners can sign up receive support via digital e-course to begin healing from their grief from the comforts of their home.

Claire’s work has been featured in Marie Claire, InStyle, Martha Stewart Living, Body + Soul and pet loss documentary Furever.

For more information about Claire, Modern Pet Loss, or her life changing coaching services, you can reach Claire at: claire@clairechew.com or 310.314.9837



Stephanie Frisselle, Animal Communicator

Stephanie is an animal communicator who assists clients in navigating the challenging process of both preparing for and mourning the loss of a beloved animal companion.  Stephanie has her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing and is currently studying with one of the world’s top animal communicators, Carol Gurney, as she continues to deepen and refine her own skills.

Stephanie has had a deep love for and connection to animals ever since she was a little girl.  As a child, Stephanie dreamed of becoming a veterinarian as she cared for her family’s many animals, including dogs, cats and a bunny.  Stephanie’s undergrad studies took her in another direction for several years, but when her teacup poodle, Bella, came into her life nine years ago, Stephanie was reminded that she is here to work with animals.  Stephanie created her own dog care business, became involved with animal rescue and began studying animal communication.  Stephanie’s deep compassion, respect and love for animals makes animal communication a perfect fit for her.  Stephanie’s clients appreciate her sensitivity to both their animals and to them, her compassion and her dedication to being of service to animals and their people.

For more information or to schedule an animal communication session for you and your animal, you can reach Stephanie at: stephanie.dagmar@gmail.com or call 310.968.1558.

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