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You are sorely missed and so much more than a "pet." You were truly a member of the family as well as the neighborhood, whose children adored you. We thank God for the day we met you at the shelter, Bear. Love always, Mom and Dad

(Sir) Eddie

Forgive me, I will love you forever and always, my little knight.


      1993 - 2008 I cannot believe that you are gone. You were a part of my life for such a long time I cannot imagine what it will be like without you. But I had to let you go, it would have been selfish to make you suffer. You w...


Rest in peace on the Rainbow Bridge my pretty girl. My words can't explain how much I miss you. You will always be in my heart and be my favorite pretty girl

Abby Gail

My beautiful Abby Gail, I rescued you but in the end your rescued me. Always in our hearts. Marilyn, Hailey , Scott, Britt and Zack


               For Abi, A Dog Who Graced Our World October 19, 2001 – October 10, 2009 All About Abi From Puppy Toes to Abi Boo, She’s so precious through and through!Pr...


You Brought Us Joy You Brought Us Love Now You're Gone From Us To God Above We will All Miss You Yvon, Jeremy, Filip, and John


    May 28, 1993-May 29, 2008 Alamain, my big guy, enjoyed a wonderful 15 years of life! He was with me through college, marriage to my husband of 10 years, and the birth of my son who is now 5. He was: AnimatedLoving Attentiv...


You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey. You never know dear, how much I love you ... please don't take my Sunshine away.


June 28, 2008 I lost Amstel a week ago yesterday. He was my first cat. I got him during my first month at graduate school. He kept me company for the last 12 years. I will miss him dearly. ~Tammy  ...


            Amy was my baby. Even the kids called her Baby Amy. She was my shadow, my guard dog, my ever present companion and friend. Amy lived a healthy life and was only sick the last few months of her...


You were the most loyal little friend and you will always be in my heart.


                    Apollo was a very special white boxer boy. He had what I call "the face." People would see him & be like "Oh he is so beautiful and he has such a cute face."...


In Loving Memory


Your little paws left prints in our hearts forever. You will be missed and you were and are forever loved.


The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long and you have burned so brightly my friend.


I shall always love you my precious pretty princess puppy. There was never another little dog so gentle, sweet, and loving as you. You helped to mend my broken heart through the worst time of my life and then happily rejoiced with me in each new blessing that since has come. I hope that you knew even to the last moment that I adore you and that you shall not be forgotten. Thank you for gracing my life with your sweetness. Tu m'as donné l'aurore d'or.


the best friend i could ever ask for


We miss our sweetest boy. All our Love Philip, David, Cooper & Ludlow


  Baby1993 - April 26 2009 Beloved pet of David and Janice Powell   BabySo you've gone You have gained the wisdom And you have gained thy flight Our friend always at the door The one who seemed to listen But could not ...


Forever in my heart




Always a loyal friend, keeper of security of the yard around the house. Go in peace "MrBig", until we meet again. I'll be sure to have some treats for you, & once again we'll walk side by side through the green fields that you loved so much.


We love you and miss you!


"We will love you and you will always be in our hearts forever"


Baxter, Always thinking of you and waiting until the day when we can be together again.  I cherish all the time we spent together and all the hours you laid on my chest soothing me when I was stressed out. You will always be my little big man!&...


You filled my life with happiness, my love. I hope you rest in peace knowing I will see you again. My heart aches with loss.


Baxter - You left us too soon. We love and miss you very much. XXXXX Philip & David


May 13, 1992 - October 17, 2008Beau exceeded expectations in every way: in his longevity, his persistence through illness, and the joy he brought with his happy little smile. I was fortunate to be his companion for 16 1/2 years. He made me smile ever...


A True Friend, Companion, Family Member. Always in our heart never to be forgotten. Beau may you receive the rewards of heaven. We love you! Terri, Bambi, Tessie & Baby Robert


Beija my beautiful friend, I miss you. I thank you for all the unconditional love you gave me and for your patience moving from home to home. I know it didn’t really matter to you where you were just as long as we were together. Recently we ado...


      In Loving Memory of     my best friend        Belle              ...


My heart is broken. My little girl will never come home again. She was only 3 years old. The light and the sunshine in our family has been extinguished. Why did I let her go out? Why why why? If I could just go back in time and make her stay in, she ...


Little monkey, fierce protector, Mommy's shadow


Bellota, nariz de corazón, nena linda como te extrañamos todos. Mi corazón se detiene ua cada minuto en que pienso en tí, así como cuando me mirabas, pero ahora con un largo abrazo de tristeza porque ya no est&aacut...


Little Bennett - We love and Miss you so much. Keep an eye out for Baxter, B.J., Cooper & Ludlow. XXXXX Philip & David


In loving memory of our baby Bernie Mac Williams  October 6, 2007- February 12, 2010 You will be loved and missed forever."My Guardian Angel"                   If tears could build...

Big Kitty (BK)

We will love you forever Big Kitty Tonight we lost one of our beloved cats, Big Kitty. Back in 2003 he showed up at our doorstep to chow down on the food I would leave out for the neighborhood cats. In 2004 we decided to adopt Big Kitty (BK) and bring him with us to our new home where he had plenty of places to sleep, eat and relax. Manuel and BK would play fight and most of the time Big Kitty would win especially at almost 16 lbs! He loved laying in the living room on his back with his paws up in the air so everyone can scratch his tummy. He would walk around the house and just talk all the time, such a personality and so much fun to be around. Several months ago he was diagnosed with CRF, we did everything we could to extend his life because we did not want to let him go but tonight his fight was over. Though we were prepared, nothing can ever make the sadness any less hard. In the end really all we would love is to have our happy Big Kitty back with his personality and charm.


Forever one of a kind


  A Quick Note About our neighbors, Cowboy Terry, Karen and Billy:4/02/2008 I chose the Peternity site because it had the loving thoughts and feelings that I was looking for to put on a marker for my dear neighbor friends whom we lovingly...


Binky you are so missed by Mommy but it is just a temporary separation. You are sleeping on our bed in heaven just waiting for us to join you! Al & Dawn Stevens Memorial continued . . .    ...


"A good dog never dies. He always stays. He walks beside you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near. His head is within our hand in his old way."


BiscuitMay 2004 - 2nd May, 2009 Thanks, matey, for your constant companionship over the last 5 years. You had a bit of a rough trot including losing an eye to an ulcer but there was nothing wrong with your hearing; just rustle a plastic bag and you'...


Bitsy Bitsy Boo Boo "Forever in Our Hearts".


B. J. (DABEEGE) 1990-2008 REST IN PEACE A sleek, beautiful body, exquisite eyes, Soft purring at the door. Playful swatting, frequent naps, toys strewn across the floor. With gentle rubs and constant purring you made your presence known And, knowin...


See you in heaven, Little Guy. We miss you so much it hurts. We love you forever.


On what has turned out to what I consider to be the most fortunate day of my life, so many years ago, I found my ever-faithful friend, Blazer. From the moment my mom, dad and I rescued him from that puppy mill, he and I were forever linked as one. I ...


Blitzy, No cat will ever be like you, your cuddles and playing will forever be in our hearts and thoughts. I hope we gave you as much love as you gave us. God Bless You my friend- Johnson Family


Blondie, te quisimos mucho, te vamos a extrañar todos, fuiste muy importante en la familia. Mi niña, descansa para siempre. Espero volver a verte algún día. Me dejas un vacío muy grande y mucha tristeza por tu partida, pero siempre te recordaré con la alegría y el amor que me diste siempre. Te quiero mucho mi niña linda. Mi Blondine.


From the moment we brought you home, you won us over with your big blue eyes. As a puppy, you always kept us on our toes, whether you were chewing up our shoes, removing the kitchen linoleum, or using the kitchen table legs for your own personal chew...


He was the first of many to call the woods home. He was always the leader of the pack. We miss you Blue


To our best buddy Bobo. You will forever be missed, but never be forgotten.

Boo Boo

Forever in Our Hearts we love you...


                      My Mini Lop June 7, 2007 ~ July 16, 2009      ...


In loving memory of my precious pomeranian Boomer Balou aka Boomey. Not a day will go by that I wont think of you and miss you!! wait for me by the mailbox at heavens gate mommy will bring treats ..... <3


We found Bosley in a pet store in April, 1998 (I’ve since changed my mind about purchasing from these “outlets”!) after my very first dog, also a blonde Lhasa Apso named Bailey, was found hung in his cage at only 6 months of age. Th...


From Best Friend to Angel. I love you. Forever & Always.


Brandy came into our lives and hearts in 1990, when we adopted her from the humane society. We remember our first meeting vividly. She was curled up in the corner of the wire kennel paying no attention to the people going past her. A banner “KS...


We miss you Wee Wee, you will be in our hearts always. Love Mommy, Daddy and Brewster!!!!


will never forget and miss her

Brutus Fadness

We loved you, Brutus more than words can say. Daddy, sister and I will miss you so much. Even though our time was cut so short we will Always remember the love and happiness you brought into our lives. We will never forget you, you will be in our hearts forever.


Miller Morgan  Kovou  Click on the pictures above to go to Miller, Morgan and Kovou's tribute page.  ...


Forever in our hearts! A true friend to the end...


Forever in Our Hearts




From the moment I rescued you and you ran straight up to me and gave me that big old slurpy kiss you were in my heart forever. Actually, I think it was you who rescued us! You were our best friend and always, always there for us. We all love you and ...


"Secret tears will forever fall"


Buddy, When I first brought you home, your first task was to make friends with your Daddy, as he wasn't too crazy about cats to begin with. You quickly won him over with your love and affection. You warmed both our hearts and our laps over the last 7...


Our faith full friend, loved and missed forever


A fine "Buddy" Gone too soon. 1999 ? - April 18,2011


Missed so very much but not forgotten


The best family pet we could ask for. He left a paw print on all of our hearts. If love alone could have kept you with us you would have lived forever. Have fun with Jake in heaven Buddy! Until we meet again.


In Loving Memory of Buddy-Rina Seven long years of guinea pig joy: I remember when we "saved" you from that horrible pet store that closed down two weeks later And when we found out you were really a girl your first time at the vets' And how you woul...


To the best dog and best friend I have ever known. Buffy was my beautiful Yellow Lab, a one of a kind dog... so gentle, so loving, so special. When it comes to dogs she broke the mold. Buffy lived a wonderful life. She loved my children and my children adored her. She was sweet, playful. comical, loyal, beautiful, and yes she was spoiled but only because we loved her so... Buffy passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on March 5th 2011 at the age of 13. She died in our arms..... our hearts are broken and she will never be forgotten, she will always be so deeply loved.

Buffy Lou

My Beloved Friend And Faithful Companion

buffy miller

buffy we all miss you so much


Forever in Our Hearts


2/07-1/14/09 I cannot believe that you are gone. I never imagined I would lose you so soon. I'm so sorry buddy. I am thankful for the short time we spent together... but devastated that it had to end. I don't know what I'm gonna do without you. I lo...


From the moment we brought you home, you won us over with your adorable loving eyes. As a puppy, you always kept us on our toes, whether you were chewing up our shoes, or using the dining room table legs for your own personal chew toy. You always loved to be around us, making sure to sit close by to make sure we didn't go anywhere. As time went on and your health declined you were still so content "people watching" in your bed. Even though we had you for sixteen short years, the Lord decided to take you home where you could be that rambunctious puppy again. Burton, we love and miss you more than words can say. We look forward to seeing you in Heaven, where I'm sure you'll greet us with your signature wet sloppy kisses.


We long for your warm greetings as we enter our home, always patiently waiting for us to return home. A loud meow, a soft tickle tail and you resting against us like an old comfy chair. We miss your sweet face and those loving little eyes and would give anything to see you just one more last time to give you our loving goodbyes. Buster you will never,ever be forgotten! We long for the time when we will all meet, up there in heaven, please save us some seats! We love you Buster Brown! Your family, Mommy-O, Daddy-O, Davis & Bryson


My special little nugget. I miss your morning wake-ups, your sneaky snacking, our snuggle time and your warm little kisses. You stole my heart with your unconditional love and affection. Thank you for being such a special part of my life.


Forever in Our Hearts


My love, my heart, my protector, my entertainer, my Cady-girl. You left too soon. Run like the wind until we meet again.


CaliR.I.P June 17, 2008The sweetest soul in the body of a stray kitten. You didn't receive a fraction of the love you gave in your short life.  You will remain in my heart forever.~ Natalie    ...


Callie1999 - 2009 The story about my life all began on April 21, 1999 ---- and ended August 12, 2009, but what mattered most of all was the “dash" in between those years.    That dash represents all the time I spent with my fami...


Love of My Life

Casey "Bear"

Thank you for picking us to be your family! We will miss your smile. Until we are together again...


December 25, 1995-January 21, 2009 "My sweet Cassie, thank you for being my best friend. You are free to run and see again. You are in my heart and with me in spirit. Forever grateful for you" Your Loving Dog Mom, Lynne     ...


Mama misses you!


You were called home too soon. We miss you so much and will love you always, my sweet little fur face Zilla. A spark that burns so bright in our hearts will never grow dim. Sleep in peace, dear one. We will be together again one day at the Bridge.


CC My beautiful baby girl, you've only been gone 2 whole days now. The pain is so unbearable here without you. I see and hear you everywhere. I catch myself in a flicker, starting to talk to you or call your sweet name. The glimses of you from the corner of my eye are so heartbreaking, I look but you're not there. You brought me so much joy for 15 short years, baby. I can see you now @ 6wks old clearly in my mind like it was yesterday, a little precious bundle in my hands, that creamy white fur,like silk to the touch,those little red ears which gave you your spunk, pretty blue eyes and that beautiful, little pink belly... I wanted you with me for always and always. Time just went too fast. I wanted you to know, Mama misses you so much sweet baby. You will always and always be in my heart, never to be forgotten... ever.


"Mama's little Chach", I miss you terribly. You were my confident, little side-kick, and best friend. You came into my life when I needed you most, and pulled me from my depression. From that day we were bonded for life. I'm lonely riding in the car now, and I miss you greeting me when I come home. I will never get used to you being gone, and I'll wait till the day we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Mama loves you always!


You stole our hearts, gave us love and joy...memories everlasting. We miss you now and forever. Mom and Dad


R.I.P March 17, 2008 'He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.  ...


When Charlie was two years old, his original owner left him with roommates in Hawaii while he completed an educational program in Florida. Sometime later, the owner’s sister found Charlie under the house with no food or water, tangled up in his...


Eternally Loved Forever Missed

Charlotte's baby girl

You are with the angels now. I miss you already so much


Where a warm welcome was a daily routine. You patiently waited for us to return & would greet us w/ that warm whimper of welcome no matter how long we'd been gone it was always the same greeting. I think about what you taught us all. That we should take along some of your soul: faithfulness, compassion,caring, sincerity, patience, such a gentle spirit. You brought us such smiles, laughter & love. That's what you represent in our hearts. Although we may all move from this place that we all shared life together here for so long. As the years pass, no matter where we are. You will always be the brightest star on a Summer night. Colorful leaves in the Fall. First bright bloom in the Spring. Cold wind in the long Winter Even though your final resting spot suited you perfect. Beside the calm quiet stream that you treasured for so many years. Your soul is now w/ other angel dogs that you were always destined to see. Chazzie girl, God sure blessed us with you. You'll always be running in our hearts. We will LOVE you always!!


I love you forever Chekotah, my little baby. You passed too soon. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. :(


You will be forever missed.


Chewie the ChihuahuaDied Thursday 12/3/09 at 13 years of age due to a collapsing trachea"Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened." Chewie - Its so hard to say goodbye. The decision I had to make on 12/3/09 so you could pass peacefully ...


Rest in PeaceJune 3, 2001 - June 3, 2008 You are terribly missed but I know that you are in good hands. You are in my prayers and thoughts and there's not one day that goes by that I don't think about you. Sheba loves you and misses you too. Na...


2001 -2009 Chia will be missed. She passed away from liver disease. We are already feeling the loss in the house. She filled the house up.   Love,The Jaros Family       ...


  1986 - 2009 Forever Loved and Missed by Tania Williams. He was her best friend and horse soul mate. He was known and loved by the Leona Valley, California Community and far beyond and taught many children to ride and love horses. ...


Our Beloved Pet


I dropped a tear in the ocean and the day you find it is the day I will stop missing you. You will Always be in my thoughts. Miss You Chinook


I dropped a tear in the ocean and the day you find it is the day I will stop missing you. You will Always be in my thoughts. Miss You Chinook


I dropped a tear in the ocean and the day you find it is the day I will stop missing you. You will Always be in my thoughts. Miss You Chinook


Chipper was loved by all that met her and will be "Forever in Our Hearts"


Forever in Out Hearts

Chloe Lambert

You only had 9 years on earth, but will forever be in our hearts. We love you mama.

Chloe Scarlett

Bless you our beautiful beloved Chloe Scarlett- we will love and adore you forever.


choco was a hero....


You will always be our pretty baby boy we will love and miss you forever


  She passed on 06-10-2008. She was not only our Best Friend but she was one of the family and everyone that ever met Chyna fell in love with her. Chyna we love you and think of you all the time.Love,Daddy, Mama, T,T,T, Jerry~Lee and Daisey &n...

Cindy Lou

Cindy Lou Belle, you know you were my best friend, my shoulder to cry on and my light. I can't believe you've been gone for seven months now. Coming home to an empty house is so sad and it hits me that you're gone over and over again everyday. I know we were lucky to have you for fourteen beautiful years, but I'd give anything to play rope with you or watch you roll around in the snow one more time. I hope you're at peace wherever you are baby girl. Love Heather


Dearest Cisco. You were such a handsome boy. You came to me as a little kitten whose tail had been savaged by another animal but I always thought you looked rather sweet with a short tail. You and Panther became such good buddies and when he was called back to the otherside in February I think you missed him very much although you were so sick yourself. Now You have gone to be with your beloved friend and my heart aches for you both. I love you and all the others so much.


In Memory of CleoOctober 4, 1989 - May 10, 2009A Week Ago on Mother's Day,Our Siamese Baby Went Away,The Pain We Feel Is Oh So Sharp,Clee Left Our Lives,But Not Our Hearts,We Pray "The Rainbow Bridge" is Right,Together again in a Different Life.Rest ...


You came into my life as a mystery and left as my best friend. Thank you for sharing this life with me. You are forever loved and missed. I hope some day I will see you again.


always daddy's special boy, forever and ever. our love will never die

Coco, Cinnamon, Caramel & Cookie

Just whisper my name in your heart.... I will be there


Missing you baby boy


This picture of Cole was taken a few summers ago in one of his favourite places, the front garden where he firmly believed he was the master of all he surveyed.  Cole Portly was so named as he was always inclined to have a bit of a tum, (not unl...


Cookie Dial 1994 – 2009 Cookie went to doggie heaven this morning to be with her constant friend, Muffie. Cookie was 15 ½ years old and lived a good life. On her last day she had chocolate ice cream and a Carl’s Junior Double Chee...


Beloved Min Pin, Always Vigilant


My Angel Bella Cooper. Just like an angel, you came into our lives unexpectedly and left us just the same when your work was done. You did what you were sent here to do and we will be forever grateful for the happiness and love you brought into our lives. We will love you forever! P.S. Say hi to Simba for us!


Our Little Cooper. We love you so much. You will be forever in our hearts. Now you, B.J., & Ludlow are together. Philip & David


May 14, 1998 to August 26, 2009 It's still so hard to believe she's gone;  I'll never hear her crazy terrier bark when I go home to visit.  She was the typical Jack Russell Terrier, so energetic and happy.  So territorial.  So pr...


Dakota, You will forever be in my heart. From the moment I first held you, you were loved. You were there for me through it all and I can't imagine life without you. You were a puppy at heart right up until the end and it makes it so hard to let you...

Dakota Schaaf

We cannot imagine life without you...


Dawhoo, My big brown eyed loving puppy, we are forever holding you in our hearts. You are missed so much by each of us. Your four legged friends still look for you. Cocoa is at a loss without you to lay by, Fozzy misses his mentor and Jericho, who ...


Denny was what we liked to call our "Jekyll and Hyde dog". One minute he was sweet and loving, the next he would be growling and snap at you. If he didn't want to be bothered, he would let you know it. He had the personality that Lhasa Apso's are oft...


Forever with us Always be my dog


Just over 10 years ago I met my best friend. I had gone to a shelter to look at another dog when the worker told me she had a sweet dog that was about to be put to sleep. I fell in love with this 5 month old puppy at first site. I named him Diesel and he was the sweetest, smartest dog imaginable. We have so many great memories with our Diesel. Last week my best friend died. My family and I are heart broken. We pray we are reunited with him someday.


Sept 30 2011 To our beloved cat "Dime" Today my family’s dearly beloved cat “Dime” passed away peacefully in our home, surrounded by the love and comfort of his family in his familiar surroundings. He would greet us all on Christmas morning ready for us to open presents and let him play with the wrapping paper’s tape. He also loved boxes, he would jump into any box…even if it had something else in it he would find a way to fit himself in it as well. God please take care of my beloved cat, and I pray he is at peace and is without pain. I also hope he is with his mom now, and meets all of our family who has gone before us. I am happy the last words I said to Dime were “I love you”, I will see you again some day, rest in peace sweet boy. With Deepest Love From Your Dad, Aaron Dime 2005- 2011


We miss our baby with every passing day. Our "Bubba Boy" left us with a huge paw print on our hearts! We love him and will miss him dearly! We thank you Peternity for giving us a way to honor and remember our baby!


Till we meet again, rest in peace Beautiful angel. Thank you for making us so happy! We had fun while you were here, didn't we? We always had fun! The house feels empty without you. You were the very best. We love you and miss you so much, Mom, Dad, Colten, Justice, and Siggy


We love you Dogger!

Don Diego De La Vega

You will always be in our hearts and thoughts. May your spirit be at peace. Love, Joe, Sandi and Princess


OUR BOY DUKE We miss you dear Friend See you when we get there . . . 19 years on Earth  ...


Rest in Peace, Pretty Girl, we love you!


"Always In Our Hearts"


In loving memory


"The World's Most Handsome Boy Ever"September 25, 1993 - February 13, 2009"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet." ~ Edith Wharton To our sweet boy and his ever present wagging tail. For always being the one that w could turn to and receive uncondi...


On October 15, 2007, we had to say good-bye to the best dog who ever lived. Our Golden Retriever, Eddie, was one of those rare dogs who just leaves you amazed at how great he was. He was never one to get into anything, he never chewed what he wasn't ...


Thank you for being in our lives and teaching us what true love is about...both giving and receiving...when so many others would have given up.


Thank you for being in our lives. We will miss you.


On Thursday October 2nd, my beloved black Persian cat Ellie-May lost her battle against kidney disease. She had been with us through so many life experiences; moving home many times, flying half-way around the world to a new home/country, the loss of...


Our Elmo was a special bird. Elmo, an emu, emerged from his egg on a cold December day in 2001. As an adult he stood 5 ft tall and weighed approximately 140 pounds. His parents, Erasmus and Ema, still live on our three acre property in Northern Calif...


"3years old but a lifetime of memories"


Emma was only in our lives a year but made a lasting impression in our hearts. She is sadly missed. November 16,2006 - February 15, 2008    ...


                            Enya, a lifetime with you was not enough, a moment without you is too long. Our love with you always, Daddy, Mommy, & Gramps...


We love you, Fawnie! You will be with us always.


I will love and miss you forever, Felix. You were the most special and beloved cat to everyone. I hope you make your new friends as happy as you made me and everyone here. rest in peace my baby.


* Finnigan Gerland * 09 Feb 2009 to 13 Mar 2011 * On Sunday, 13th of March at the young age of 2 years, Finnigan lost his battle with Lymphoma after 6 months of chemotherapy. He enjoyed bird watching, car rides, bug and gecko hunting, playing with his canine brother, and much more. We were grateful to extend his life for 6 more wonderful months give. He will be deeply missed and always cherished by his canine brother Copper, Mommy, Daddy and friends.


  Fiona, I will forever love you. Thank you for being my best friend.             ...


I still can't believe you are gone. My whole life revolved around you. I feel honored that you spent your life with me. I miss you so much. Please be a good girl until mommy gets there. I love you baby girl.


FlashApril 03,2000-Oct 17,2009 I love you with all of my heart, you were my friend, and best companion. You always loved me and my family, and you'll forever be missed. Never again will there be love like yours. Always protecting, and caring. Al...


Mom and dad will love and miss the sweetest little dog ever.


He was like my best friend, and always cheered us up. Frazier will be missed very much. May 2007 - March 21st, 2008 10 months old          ...


We love and miss you so much, big boy! Thank you for the love and joy you brought into our lives!


I'm sorry I don't have a picture of Fritz. Just a vivid image of him in my mind and in my heart. Fritz was a Greek stray, spent his entire life in the streets down town Athens, was a companion to marginal people who, too, like Fritz are spending their lives in the streets. Ten years ago someone dumped a puppy somewhere down town the city of Athens. When it came to my attention I started looking for a home for it but no one wanted a puppy that would grow into a large adult dog. Fritz was a german shepherd /rotweiler mix. So, fate had it Fritz would have to live in the streets. I was with him every day for 10 years, to feed him and give him hugs and kisses but -I'm so sorry to say- not a home, not mine nor anyone else's. I spayed him, vaccinated him, he was getting vet treatment whenever necessary and he'd be a pet for me, to me, for as long as I was there. He'd spot me from afar and he'd come flying towards me, his tail wagging, rotating actually, like crazy his head down, running with all his might with the sole purpose of greeting me. He was more hungry for cuddling than he was for food. And... last Wednesday 2 days ago I went to the regular spot to meet Fritz. Instead, I met two of the homeless people who live at this spot who looked at me and said: "We had been waiting for you to get here. It's Fritz" How my heart froze and then tears filled my eyes and on my cheeks and just amid my sobs I asked "poison or car?" It was a car. So, I asked again "Did he suffer before he died?" They said it only took him a fragment of a second to die and the car driver didn't stop but just left the scene of his crime without giving any thought to it. So, Fritz stopped being with me and with his other friends last Tuesday night at 10. At least, if I can think of anything comforting for me, where he is now he doesn't have to live in fear of any potential dangers any more. I will never forget Fritz and I just hope he will be kind enough to forgive me for being incapable of providing for a decent death or for a more decent life for him. He was not a fool, though. I am sure he knew i loved him. Deeply. Dearly. Please, if this text is to be published and if anyone reads it, please do something small as it may be but nice as it may be for a stray in your country, in your neighborhood. Pet a stray or any other little thing that you may think of. In the memory of Fritz, my petted street puppy dog.

Fritzy Maxwell

A sweet and loyal friend We will never forget you

Gator Weston

Forever Loved and Missed.


Our great GATSBY. You were a wonderful therapy dog and touched the lives of so many of your clients, you brought happiness to your family everyday. I am grateful I got to spend the last 11 years with you, and for all our walks, and cuddles, days in Central Park, and especially our naps. You were the dog I always wanted, and I hope you will be my guardian angel puppy now. You loved us, and we love you always.


Forever in my heart, always by my side. I miss you my dear girl.


Our sweet furry son.Gone but never forgotten.


My Baby Girl, "If love could saved you, you would have lived forever"


About 6 years ago I had what I considered to be a full family and was not looking to expand on it.  If someone had asked me if I had enough, I would have replied, “heck, yes”.  Well, one of the things that I discovered long ago ...


Such a loving kitty. You lived for almost 20 years. You little purrs made me feel so comfortable when I was sad. I will miss you clawing at my legs to be picked up and petted. All that noise you made when Baggy cat would chase you made me laugh. From the very first day I saw you, I knew I had to have you. You climbed my leg to sit on my shoulders, you had me that day. You were so small and your ears were so big, I knew you had to grow. You and Shadow were inseparable. You running down the stairs just to get enough speed to climb the trees was so cute. And your running, you looked like a bunny. Now you rest in peace my Gidgie kitty, no more pain for you. I hope you and Shadow are back together. MISS YOU VERY MUCH Gidget, Baggy misses you too.


I love you more than words can describe. You will always be my best friend. I can't wait to see you in heaven with Teddy. Love, audrey


Ginger Daddy's Girl Forever Loved and Missed


Forever in Our Hearts


I just can't find any words that can describe Gorse. He was such a loving, sensitive, beautiful dog. The first time he saw me crying he climbed on my lap and licked all my tears. I always miss him, although I always feel he is around somewhere, takin...

Gracie Lucy

So Grateful for Gracie & all her unconditional love!!


Thank you for being in our lives even for a short time. You will forever be with us in our memory and our hearts.


My beloved Maine Coon Grisabel lost her short battle with cancer today. We had been hoping that steroids might shrink the tumor that surrounded her esophagus but alas, it was not to be. Grisabel obviously wanted to live and fought courageously, going through all the medical tests without complaint but this morning I could tell that her poor malnourished body was exhausted so we made the decision to help her on her final journey. Godspeed my darling.


Finally face to face with your Buddha. We wish you a blissful next journey, Guga.


We Will Miss You Forever


Hanna was rescued from an  abusive situation at age 3. She was our buddy and our love for 20 years. Never a problem, no health issues all that time. She loved everyone, and adored cats.   We miss you little girl.       ...

Hannah Banana

Not Long Enough In My Arms


In precious memories of Happy


Thankyou Harley for giving me the best 17 years of my life, you are the best dog i have ever had and you always have a place in my heart, you will be greatly missed. I love and miss you so much <3


Thank-you Harley for giving me the best 17 years of my life, you are the best dog i have ever had and you always have a place in my heart, you will be greatly missed. I love and miss you so much <3


      ~In Loving Memory of Debi's Cat~      ...


Helios was a sweet boy we were fostering from Boxer rescue. We only knew him a few days but what a love. He was approximately a year old & just wanted some love. We were going to adopt him but we had to find out what was up with him always having...


                              In memory of my beloved dog, Henry. He was a rescue from the Partnership for Animal Welfare in Greenbelt, Maryland. He ca...


Once in our lives, forever in our hearts. My guardian on earth now my guardian angel.


To all the friends of Houch, My best friend Houch left this world today after fighting cancer for 7 months. He hung in there and endured many chemo medications and lived just as he had before the diagnosis until this past week. He died in my arms and...


6 August 2008They say memories are golden, well maybe that is true. I never wanted memories, I only wanted you. A million times I needed you, a million times I cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life I loved ...


Hua-Hua ZengOctober 10th 1998September 3rd 2009 He was my boy, and my heart is severely broken at this writing for him. His heart gave out and I now know he is with Jesus and playing in the beautiful world created for him. Until we meet again, m...

Hudson "Bub"

We Will Remember You Forever

Ian and Kelly



Always remembered, with love, one of my best friends ever, rest in peace little babe.


Independence "Indie" ValmainJuly 4, 2003 - July 10, 2009Dear God, thank You for sending us Indie and for allowing her to be with us for a time. She has been such a blessing to us, and our lives have been richer because You gave us the gift of one of ...


Forever Remembered


"Kara" you were the best, sweetest cat I ever had. I love you and you will be missed.


We will love you forever


Forever in My Heart

Jack Ellerbrock

Forever Loved & Greatly Missed Our Little Bubbas!


You left paw prints on our hearts. We love you so much.


July 26, 2006 - May 8, 2008 "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." Sweet dreams, my little angel. No more pain. Angela Branch                       ...


Our Jakey. We love you and miss you. Rest in peace little one.


Our Beloved Jake~December 18, 1997 - December 31, 2008                             We lost our big baby boy a few days ago, Jakey was not in an...


  June 2007 - January 11, 2008 JakeI would willingly given my life to save yours and Ace's. I Love You, Brandon Owens                    ...


    RIP Jazzy We love and miss you sweet girl Jasmine ~ Put to rest May 28, 2008    David Kwiatkowski          ...


Our beloved girlJasmineMay you forever rest in peace June 14, 2008N. Nugent                                  ...


I will forever and always love you to the moon and back and will always miss you , my precious baby boy.


He filled our Hearts with Love and Joy, he will be missed, our Baby Boy.


"If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." Letting you go was the hardest thing I've ever done. I set you free my angel; wait for Mommy at the Rainbow Bridge. I'll think of you everyday- when I wake and there's no one to take outside, when I go to the park and you're not with me, when I see your empty bed- and everytime my heart will ache until we meet again.


Gone but never forgotten


Our Big Brown Eyed, Bent Tailed Second Mother, We Love You and You Will Be Forever in Our Minds and Hearts


~ Poem for Loss ~ My darling as I hold you near, my heart is aching so. I know that you must go away. It is something we both know. Acceptance is the hardest part of knowing I’ll remain. For I know that when you’re free at last, I will cry with heartfelt pain. Each memory has been traced with love deep within my heart. I never dreamed the day would come When we would be apart. For as I hold you in my arms and whisper our last goodbye, I’ll cherish every memory until the day I die. For when my soul is released and free, I’ll come to you, my friend. And the love we share will once again be eternal; with no end. by Josie O’Brien


My baby girl Jewel, I will always miss you and love you. I wish we had more time together.


Forever in Our Hearts


Our Baby! We love you!


    JR "Ducer" Earls Our Beloved Little Boy We will love you for eternity and beyond... Love Always,Mommy and Daddy                           ...

Julie S.

We love and so greatly miss Julie a princess of a cat who was loving and sweet. As a Tonkinese she had a lot to say but even more to give. Our home is just not the same without her.


Junior was my best friend, always at my side for 16yrs. I miss him, but I was blessed to share my life with him. I thank God he never suffered. Until we meet again my friend.


We miss you so much,we will always love and remember you.GOD will take good care of you our beautiful four legged daughter.Thank you,for so many wonderful years together.


Kaiser was a good boy and a great pet. Kasier was born 10/29/2005 , I held him when he took his first breath. He loved to chase the water when we sprayed the hose, he loved to go for rides in the car to pick up the kids at school. He would sit in the...


"You were my sunshine on the cloudiest of days"

Kalie Ann

"Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts" Our Beloved Pet & Friend Forever Loved, Forever Missed


You will always be my 'Prince'. I miss and love you SO MUCH!


  JoJo, the day I brought her home in the car...the first picture that was taken. JoJo and our other puppy Sammy. This is the last picture of her we got before she passed on.           Kasey, AKA ...


Katie was a good girl. Fun loving and at most times, acted like a dog. She liked to eat cheese and snack, as well as take a few hidden sips of our soda's or waters out of our cups. She was a great companion. She loved to make sure we were happy a...


KatieForever in my heart you will always be my girl. Thank you for being a dear friend.            ...


Never to be forgotten.

Kaya Pozner

Our little girl, you are so missed.


You are forever in our hearts and we will always remember your happy face and bouncy personality!!


Dec 23, 1995-June 14, 2009 I had you since the day you were born. I held your tiny body and claimed you as mine. 14 years flew by and you were with me through all my good times and bad times. You were a puppy til the end, still running up the drivewa...


Kelly May 15, 2000 to July 28, 2008Debby   Click on picture for larger view.  ...


Beloved Friend - You live on in our hearts


to my best buddy. i remember how you used to sit at the end of the driveway and when you saw me walking down the street you would come running to me and meow like crazy. you were the best! Mauskätzchen; wo bleibst du? "Mauskätzchen, was treibst du? In unserem Häuschen Sind schrecklich viel Mäuschen: Sie pfeifen und rappeln, Sie trippeln und trappeln In Kisten und Schränken, Auf Tischen und Bänken; Sie stehlen und naschen Und will man sie haschen: Wupp! sind sie fort!" "Du rufst mich, da bin ich! Sei still, nun beginn ich Ein Tänzchen mit allen, Das soll dir gefallen. Erst sitz' ich, Dann schleich' ich, Dann nah' ich, Dann weich' ich, Dann leg' ich mich nieder, Dann heb' ich mich wieder, Dann schwing' ich mein Schwänzchen Und schnurre zum Tänzchen, Wupp! sind sie da! Sie tanzen im Kreise Auf närrische Weise, Hopp heißa! so munter Hinauf und herunter. Dann fass' ich beim Ohr sie, Dann werf' ich empor sie; Und fallen sie nieder, Dann fang' ich sie wieder. Und will dann die Maus doch Nun endlich ins Mausloch - Wupp! beiß' ich sie tot!"

Kleo Katerina

Kleo kat came in to our home on a snowy Christmas eve day and crossed the rainbow bridge on another snowy day late this afternoon. Kleo passed peacefully with her Daddy and Mommy at her side after a 2 year illness. Kleo was known in the cat circle as well traveled. Kleo visited Disneyworld, The Martin Luther King Jr grave and played on the deck of his boyhood home. She also was a special guest in the bedroom where the King of Rock and Roll (Elvis Presley) was born. Kleo visited the outside of The White House, the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetery. She made 5 cross country flights and rode first class a couple times. Kleo visited 21 states by car. Kleo was a gentle spirited kitty, she even spared the lives of a few mice. She was also very opinionated and had fine taste in her food. We love you Kleo and you will always be in your family's heart, you added so much personality to this home and gave so much love. The void will never be filled. 49

Ku'uipo Orme

Ku'uipo I love you more today. More today than yesterday. But I love you less today. Less than I will tomorrow. Ku'uipo, my Hawaiian sweetheart you will be missed. You are forever in my heart.


Love U Forever Always in Draco


beloved friend you live forever in our hearts Oct 16th 2004 ~ Mar 19th 2012


Lady was full of energy. She loved going to the beach and playing in the sand. She was a spoiled puppy to the max. When it was time for bed she would put her paws over her eyes to let me know to turn the lights off. She loved laying right next to me. She will be missed by so many but the most by me. She was my little baby..


See you "Cheeny." Go be with Onyx and all the others that we have loved.




Every once in a while a dog enters your life, and changes everything.


  Layla Belle Mitchell aka Miss Jenkins July 15th 1997 - November 11th 2008 My beautiful, grumpy and endlessly curious Layla Belle aka "Miss Jenkins" has gone to doggy heaven. I know she is leading the choir, teaching the class and def...


         Lenny   Smores December 9, 2008 Loved and Missed May 25, 2009                           &nb...

Leonard Arthur Aslan Harris

Forever in Our Hearts -- Leo


Our darling "Leo" went to be with the Lord today suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack while at the groomers. He was only a year and seven months old. In that time he had brought so much joy and love to our family. His games and antics were "...


We miss you so much.


Libby was a very special little girl. When you looked into her eyes, there was a soul looking back at you. She loved being dressed up, and especially loved the holidays, when the house was full of guests. Libby had a darling shrill little falsetto ba...


Such a sweet, sweet Kitty


    Lizzy Taylor Pei"Chooch" ~ "Pei Pei" Feb. 4, 2000 - June 18, 2008 Our Lizzy was the sweetest girl. Lizzy was a Cream Dilute Shar Pei.  She had a heart of gold and was kind to everyone including all an...

Lola Bell

My precious little angel. I am so honored to have had you as a part of my life. Just your sweet little face helped me thru so many rough times. You will forever be loved and very deeply missed.


  In loving memory of our London who we love so much. London will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Although her "official" name was London, she quickly became known as our little Twiddly.  Twids lived to a ripe old ...

Long Budi

I still feel your pleasure purr, see your wiggle tail and hear your meow meow and welcome me at the door. I know your up there in heaven, but you're down here in my heart.

Long Dou Dou

In the moment you left, We looked up to each other, I knew what you said, I listened with my heart. You promised me that you will be waiting for me by the bridge. I made a promise to you too, with my love and my heart promise that I'll be there. promise you will not be alone. No matter what happens in this world, I will be there, I will be there! The day we meet again, Will be the day our holiday. you will patch up the hole in my heart. I'll take care of you forever.

Long Dou Jin

I feel your purr in every morning, I hear your meow in every evening. I can't believe you're gone, when so many scenes are still on. It's such a hard life I don't think I can carry on I need you to survive So don't leave me alone for too long


\"Twitchybutt\" Willow\'s Sweet Boy


To our beloved Louis We will miss you. You had a great short life.We love you! Love, Your Family              ...


Louis was one VERY special bun. Cute, cuddly, and devoted! There will never be another like him. CLEARLY! He's adorable!

Lu (Lucille)

Sweetest "puppy" ever!


I have been grieving very much for my little Yorkie. He was so sick in the end, never showing a sign of illness. My Lucky, my companion, always there for me . . . understood my every word. When I became ill he was so close, never leaving my side, and...


                      I think this was the hardest thing I had to go through in my life. You were my pillow, my bedmate, my buddy, and my loyal companion. I cryed on you when...


From my arms into the loving embrace of God. Take care of the piece of my soul you took with you, Lucky, until I join you and reclaim it.


We will miss you so much Lucky. We tried everything and we didn't want you to suffer anymore so we had to let you go. It will be a long time before we can deal with your passing but you will always be in our hearts forever. We love you so much Lucky


We will never forget you, old girl


This is LUCKY my cat , I found her at 1 day old in a warehouse , her brother's and sister's had been eaten by rats . Bottle fed her, took her to work with me to feed her every two hours, slept by my side , she was my best friend , with me through all my troubles and grief to reassure me and helped me through the bad times with all her love and affection. she was there for the birth of my son and for my bereavements, I couldn't have done the last 21 years without you .Thank you Lucky , I will always love you. Sadly I had to say goodbye on Saturday 22nd June 2013, it broke my heart.


Lucy February 16, 2006-July 1,2010 You were in my life for a short time, in my heart forever.


Gone but not forgotten. Lucy in the sky with diamonds.


My heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow, what it meant to lose you no one will ever know.


In memory of sweet little Ludlow. We Love you and we'll miss you. Kisses to you and B.J. - Philip, David, and Cooper

Luke Berisford

Forever in our hearts and with us always! We love you buddy!


  2002 - 2009 Mable was not the best trained or behaved dog, but she was the most loved and loving dog we have ever known. We would always call her “good girl’ which was rarely the case. Mable loved just being with us especially ...


Thank you for letting me into your heart. You always owned mine.


Our sweet Angel, Madeleine - may you rest in enteral peace. And grace the Heavens with your boundless joie de vivre and love for all creatures.


If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.


All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.


...even though you're gone, your unconditional love will be forever in our hearts

Maggie & Anabel

In memory of our girls, Maggie and Anabel. Maggie was born in 2000 and passed June 2014 and Anabel was born in November 1999 and passed May 2015. No longer by my side but forever in my heart!! Thanks Peternity for an awesome marker!!

Major Tom

Tough Guy, Best Friend, Bon Vivant


Mako. You lived up to your name, you little shark. You will be missed forever and live forever in our hearts. Tough man! But even tough men wear clothes. You proved that!


MarcoJune 10, 2005 - May 30, 2009I miss you Marco, you were sweet. But God took you for a reason. I hope you rest in peace and wait for Mickey and me in Rainbow Bridge. Love always and forever, Jennifer          ...


You were my friend when no one else was. You will always live in my heart. Goodbye, My Friend.


Our dear, sweet Max. You were with me from the day I was born and were as familiar to me as Mom and Dad. You always looked out for us and protected us and it sure feels strange without you. We tell funny stories about you and remember you fondly and ...


February 26, 1996 - August 23,2008 We had 13 1/2 wonderful years together. We were a team. From the first day I brought you home to your last you were the most loving dog anyone could have hoped for. You had a smile on your face all the time, whethe...


Rest In Peace My Beautiful Maxwell

Megan-Lynn Jamieson

Thank you, Megs, my sweet little angel girl, for all the love and devotion you gave to me. I am lost without you. I am crushed and hurting badly. But your mommy will try her hardest to accept that you are in a far better place, and that you are all well and whole again. I yearn for the time of our reunion. Till then, feel my love. May it reach you in the place where you bask beneath golden rays and play in verdant fields. You were and will forever be dearly cherished. Hugs and kisses, your loving mommy till the end of time.


Dear Melody, We wanted to let you know what joy you gave us these past 12 years. When you first came to live with us on August 2, 1998, we knew you were here to stay. People who knew you said you ran so fast it seemed like you were flying, an angel in the making. We love you and miss you. Be good our little peanut. Love, Mom and Daddy


My best friend, my baby girl, the only child I've ever known. I think of you often and miss you everyday. Until I meet you at the bridge, rest well my angel.


15 years ago, someone abandoned their yellow dog at our house. This Monday, we had to have him put down. I wish I could tell the person who dropped him off, you missed out on a really great dog. Thanks for leaving him with us.


Our Sweet Little Angel. We miss you very much.


You were the love of our life. We miss you so much. You brought us so much joy and happiness and left us so sudden. Our hearts are aching with pain. Mommy and Daddy will always love you!!!!!!!!!

Midnight "Russ"

You Were only with us for 3 years but you were a GREAT Pet , YOU ARE MISSED


A loyal dog who lived a long and adventurous life


Our Milo was incredibly beautiful, extremely intelligent and he trained us well. He was our best friend and protector and it was a privilege to have been his parents for the past 10 years. Milo was truly special and we consider ourselves blessed to have been members of his pack. Our lives will never be the same without him.


Our little funny girl, Minnie


Mishi my baby, there was nothing worse in my life than losing you. I wish I could have done something to cure cancer. I love you endlessly. Everyday. Forever. We will find each other again. Mom.

Miss Min

Miss Min: (Cat) My "little shadow" -- Into the shadows she remains, in our minds and hearts,forever as long as light and shadow ever are.


My cat Missy had a very humble beginning. I was on my way to work one spring morning, and heard a very faint "mew" coming from a dumpster next to the apt where I lived. I went over to investigate. There inside was a litter of kittens, all passed away...

Mister Bronx

Forever in Our Hearts


Forever in Our Hearts


If loved could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Rest well my sweet Misty! You were one of a kind.

Misty DeCicco

If love could have saved you You would have lived forever. Rest well sweet Misty! You will live in our hearts forever. LOVE YOU ALWAYS Cheryl and Jenn


Our sweet Mo passed away June 25, 2007. My heart has been broken since that day. He was such a clown and oh how spoiled. He loved his family with a love like no other. He was our constant companion. I called him our "shadow." He loved his family, bu...


Mobey Mobey was two years ten months old when he passed away on February 20, 2010 of liver failure. Mobey was a quiet and thoughtful boy who was loved deeply by everyone who met him. His character resembles the gentle and wise lion Aslan of the Chro...


July 4, 2000-March 19, 2009 Molly was a very gentle and sweet black lab mix. My husband, Mike rescued her from the pound when she was about 6 weeks old. She was a wonderful addition to our family and a great big "sister" for our daughter. On March 1...


                              My dear sweet Molly, You were such a tiny little dog weighing in at less than five pounds but you had a heart and spirit...

Momma Pussy

She was not the sunrise. She was not the sunset. She was the sun.






June 14, 2009 Sir Mortimer, distinguished member of the White Westie Club, peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He was 12+ years young. He will be deeply missed by many friends in addition to his mom & dad, Sid Korpi and Anthony Kaczor. ...


Mr. Miles is gone now but in my thoughts still.  He and his brother, Mr. Davis came to live with me on the 28th of September 1991, the day Miles Davis the musician died, so their names were a foregone conclusion! Miles was very handsome and kne...

Mr. Purr (aka Purr & Purr-Cat)

Our Baby...Our Keeper...Our Friend Forever In Our Hearts & Memories

Ms. Deuteronomy Leonard

Deut, instead of choosing who will go to heaven,(like your counterpart in the broadway play, "CATS")YOU are now the chosen one. Perfect choice. With much gratitude to our outside/inside cat, "A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine and the hearth in foul weather."--Judith Merkle Riley


Dear Mudley, We miss you so much since you been gone. We are always thinking about you, little guy. You went thru a lot and you are a survivor. You have been there for us thru the good and the bad and we were there for you. You will always be in our hearts. Mommy and Daddy


Muffie a.k.a. Queenie   I just want to take a few moments to express my grief for the loss of our beloved cat Muffie also known as Queenie. We adopted Muffie and Mr. Muscles (who unfortunately passed away several years ago) in August 1999 from...


Murphy Garris September 20, 1997 – September 1, 2008 Rest in peace, our dear sweet ‘big man’. You were and will always be our most devoted, loving, and faithful companion. Thank you for 11 wonderful years, Murphy. We will see you o...


Healer of My Heart


You will be free from pain forever.


Always In Our Hearts


Our Hawaiian "furry keiki" named Nani Hiwa (Black Beauty). Your human parents miss you so much, as do your furry keiki sister and brother, Mele and Kaili. We know you are romping and chewing marrow bones at the rainbow bridge because all sweet and wonderful dogs like you from Hawaii are sure to find happiness and whole bodies at the rainbow bridge.


      NATASHA (Tashie Girl) September 24, 1995  -  May 3, 2009 Natasha was our friend and companion for almost 14 years. She meant so much to us. Memorial continued...       CATAPILLER 2...


Our Sweet Big Nose.. WE LOVE & MISS YOU SO MUCH. Your beautiful memories keep you with us. Love you, Mom,Dad,Fee & Tj.

Niblet Ann Turner

Goodbye my crazy, little girl. You were constantly in trouble, but you were loved all the same. This time you got yourself into trouble were I couldn't bring you back. We made the choice to let you go before you were in too much pain. I honestly wasn't expecting to be saying goodbye that day. I thought you would be ok. We miss you more than words can say. Your brothers and sisters looked for you and could still smell you on me, but they couldn't find you. Roxy, your sister in trouble, really misses you.

Niecie Levi Provorse

Neicie was my best friend and a wonderful puppy.. Dear Lord please to look after my love for i believe she deserves heaven more then most..In your name I prey...AMEN


Nike was a Chihuahua who came into our lives and our hearts 12 ½ years ago. He joined our family when our kids were 8, 11, and 12 and was the best companion pet we could have hoped for. He could rough house and play with my son and I, and stil...


Loyal friend and loving, furry soulmate. Your sweetness and fierce spirit will forever remain in my heart. God speed, dear friend, until we meet again.


Ninja, You're mommy's little miracle. I can't wait to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Please wait for me... I love you.  ~Farah            ...


My son, My Jamie. Always in my heart.


RIP My Gorgeous Oliver I’ll love you forever gorgeous! November 26, 2007 "Without you, my soul cries..." "You are my Olli, my only Olli, you make me happy, when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take ...


Goodbye old friend. We will miss you everyday until we meet again. We will love you forever.

Oscar Delaphante

Forever in our hearts


We had to say goodbye to our best friend of 17 years just last weekend, our hearts may never heal. Otis was a cherished member of our family, best friend to my husband and loved by all who knew him. He came into our lives in a shoebox as an abandoned...

Otto von Bismarck

Our sweet, gentle "Bizzy" will be in our hearts forever.


We lost the "light of our lives" and Heaven gained yet another angel....we miss you terribly sweet boy. In our hearts forever...


                    11/28/05 - 01/20/08 You were the best. Letting you go was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I know it was time. Thanks for being who you were and for showing me ...


Beloved Panther. I am lost without my best friend. You looked after me for eleven years, from the day our sweet Yeti left you in charge. You made my place "home", and it broke my heart to help you leave your poor little body but I couldn't let you suffer. Thank you for being the most wonderful companion and friend I love you dearly and you will always be in my heart. You were the very best little black cat. Everyone loved to meet you and you always made them laugh. I think you knew how much I loved you and you certainly always seemed to love me back. I will miss you till the day I die. Then hopefully we will be together again. God bless you always, my sweetheart.


Patches showed up on our back doorstep on a cold October night. She sat, looking in the glass door meowing for someone to notice her. We gave her a bowl of milk and she stuck around after that. Patches was already spayed and declawed, so she obviousl...


Patches came to our home in October, 1994 as a four month old kitten. He was being cared for at a shelter/animal hospital and was only four days away being being put down as this was not a no kill shelter. My friend Barbara was desperately looking to...


You came to us in October 2010, abandoned by others. You became a part of our family. First moving into the garage, then into the house. I loved watching you sleep in front of the fire and how you would reach at the doorknob to go out. When I took you for your routine checkup, I had no idea they would find the FIV virus in your blood work. I was led to believe the risks were high of you infecting your housemates or we would have had to isolate you and treat you like a leper. I am so sorry I had to make this decision. If I could take it back, I would and I would have found a way to give you the life you deserved. I will miss you and love you always.

Pea Pea Marie

Love and miss you ALWAYS!


Gone but never forgotten


I loved your sweet temperament and your gentle ways. You fought hard and you always thought of me above yourself. To the very end I'll fight for you to keep your memory alive. You were one of the best friends I'll ever have. My sweet fur baby.


You will never be forgotten, Peany!


Forever in our hearts


    November 28th, 2006 - October 18th, 2008 Taken way too soon, but never forgotten.  I hope you and Molly are having a blast together.  Love you Po.  ...


My Tweeter Bug.. My Sexy Little Man.. My Peno.. You were always there waiting for me with love. My world has been torn to pieces now that you are gone. Hopefully I will see you again for you to complete my heart once more! I will "NEVER FORGET" YOU! Mommy loves you & misses you :*(


My Pepper, my little borrowed cat. God let us borrow you for a time, but in the end we had to give you back to Him. I miss you so much my Peppie Swoodle.


Petey 1993 to 2010R.I.P. My Petey…  We had such a long time to spend together. I am grateful for that. But my wish would be for MORE time with Pete.  He was a true friend and was in love with me no matter what;  Uncond...


Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay...


"Our Darling Little Lady"


You will forever be in our hearts and we will meet you at Rainbow Bridge


My beautiful, special Phoeni, I will always love you and miss you. You were truly such an amazing pup with all your quirks, idiosyncracies and all that made you you. Your doggy smile, your beautiful, big brown eyes that saw into one's soul, your fluffy snuggly auburn fur, the way you'd bury your head in my lap wanting to patted, the way you'd lick your lips when I kissed your nose, your gentleness, your strength, your love. We will always miss you, Phoeni and you will be in our hearts forever xoxo


"PIGGY" February 9, 1994 - March 20, 2009 With Sympathy They will not go quietly, the pets who've shared our lives. In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives. Old habits still can make us think we hear them at the door Or ...


Pigpen was a miracle pup that everyone at the emergency clinic where he lived wanted to take home. At only 8 weeks old, he was picked up by the dog warden, hungry and dying of parvo. He was nursed back to health by the wonderful people of Schenectady...


P.J. - Nakiska's Dark Magician- was the most amazing animal I've ever known. His shear size - 170 lbs. - was a sight to behold when he lumbered past. Even horses thought he was a bear. He didn't know how big he was but he was still soooo gentle! 'Nob...


Poochie Woochie 2010 We will miss you always


In my heart forever and ever . . .


My best friend, the 15yrs of live you gave us is worth the sorrow and grief we feel now, love mommy and daddy.


  Poppy and Phoebe came to me a year ago December 2006. They were born in a litter of kittens rescued from under a portable school building in August. One of the teachers knew a woman who would take care of them, and find them good homes. Sh...


Forever in Our Hearts


Forever in Our Hearts


"Gone But Never Forgotten" You will forever live in our hearts..


 Princess  Jody My two dogs out lived both my parents. My parents and I got Princess and Jody as puppies. Princess at 5 and half weeks, German Shepard female. And Jody at 7 weeks, Rotti mix male. My Mom was sick and forced to retir...


December 28, 1995 - August 5, 2009Princess Muffin went to doggie heaven this morning at 11:47. She brought so much love to my heart and everyone loved her so much. She was a wonderful companion and will be so missed. Her little heart went into failur...

Pudgy Alexzander Sorrentino

She came into my life 18 years ago,and today we had to let her go..may she fly with the Angels because she was sure loved here on earth..May the LORD love and keep her safe..AMEN

puppa jenkins

Forever and ever in our hearts, our precious Puppa.Thank You for always loving and protecting Mommy, always mommys number 1 girl.... xoxoxo


Love You Every Day

Qui Lo

Flushing birds in heaven


Always Missed, Forever Loved


My beloved Remi...my heart is heavy with sorrow but I know that you are free & chasing all the squirrels you can imagine now. Your pain & suffering are gone, you will be eternally healthy & happy. I will miss your cold nose, loving gaze &...


Ricola Swaver Leonard, "Rico" for short, picked us as his people parents in September of 1997. When we brought him home with the floppy ear, he was teeny enough to be carried in Daddy's shirt pocket. He was our first "child" and satisfied every need ...


Meu querido cachorro, adeus.


Lil Rocky - You are and always will be my one and only precious son. You mean the world to me and changed my life. We love you and miss you more than you could ever imagine. Love Mom


I am so VERY GRATEFUL that God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, so obviously sent my Rock Star to me. There are so many stories...so many JOYOUS stories...that I will continue to TREASURE forever... I've had many Special doggy LOVES, but THIS ONE...my Rock Weiler...my service dog who became the one I gratefully serviced in return...he has been the most SPECIAL Rotty LOVES of them all...


always will be in our hearts, never be forgotten..love u Rocky :-):-)


I love you & miss you, Little Lamb.. <3


"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." ~ A.A. Milne


Roscoe was such a good boy.  He was our little buddy.  We adopted him as a companion for our first dog, but he quickly became our best friend too.  He was very protective of us, and he had a great, intimidating bark.  He was ...


We Miss You!

Roxy DiFabio

Roxy difabio you were the very best dog anyone could have had and we will always have you in our hearts..we will always remember how happy you made us and how good you were.You were so fast dashing up and down the yard like a deer...you were always there for us and we will always remember you..you were our best freind and you will always be in our hearts because memories cant die..we love you... rest in peace roxy


We Will Never Forget You You Will Forever Be In Our Hearts We Miss You, Little Peanut

Rue Axton

"Most Glamorous and Precious Cat in the Entire Universe"

Rupert Hicks

Go play with no pain......love you Rupey! You will be missed!!

Rusky Blue

~ Weep Not For Me ~ Weep not for me though I am gone, into that gentle night. Grieve if you will but not for long, upon my soul’s sweet flight. I am at peace, my soul’s at rest. There is no need for tears, For with your love I was blessed. I suffer not, The fear now all is gone. Put now these things out of your thoughts, In your memory I live on. Remember not my fight for breath, remember not the strife. Please do not dwell upon my death, but celebrate my life. (Copyright 1992 Constance Jenkins)


                        My best friend Rusty passed away in my arms a week ago yesterday (September 24, 2008) after being with me for 13 1/2 years. He was the best dog in t...


You were a beautiful companion who came into our lives 14 years ago. You stayed by our sides and showed us your love. We will never forget you and wish we could have kept you with us forever. It was not to be, your kidney's failed and the fight you h...


Miss Rusty was the joy of my life. She was a gift from my husband while we were dating and was given to me before he left for two years to Japan. Her waiting in the window to come home, the sound of her feet pouncing on the carpet and her thousand ki...


"The German Shepherd is more like a person than a dog, but more like a person we always hoped to be. She is smart, hardworking and completely loyal..." German Shepherds are like no other dogs, because of their distinctive personalities and many outst...


                      SADIEOur Great Dane11 years 2 monthsOur Girl Sadie has been the "biggest" and best part of our family. We have had Sadie since she was 9 weeks old. We di...


Forever in Our Hearts


Loved so Much, and Never Forgotten


Marsala “Sal” Whiskers, 1995-2011. My cat, friend, and biggest fan for 16 years. I will always love and remember you.


March 7, 2008-August 24, 2009 Why did you have to go so soon? We miss you so much. We miss your bark, your companionship and your unconditonal love. Sam, you will stay in our hearts forever.  Love you forever,Rhica, Manny, and Casey  &nbs...


Her name is Samantha and she was half sheltie collie and half husky, she was my companion, my best friend, my heart and soul for over 15 years... I lost her a week ago and a part of my heart and soul died with her on that day... She really never grew...


We love & miss you bug! we think of you everyday


  In Loving Memory of Sammy 2/13/00 ~ 07/10/08 Dawn, Michael and Audrey Goddard Sammy catchin' some rays.   Sammy (AKA "Boog") was just 6 weeks old when I first picked him up. He was such a pretty, playful and loving puppy...


"Our Best Buddy" SAM will forever be in our hearts


To my handsome boy, I love you with all my heart. You left pawprints on my heart for the 14 years you were with me. I will miss you. RIP MY HANDSOME BOY.


Samson was one of the centers of our life. He was our best friend, child and protector. He gave us unconditional love for 14 years. Love that knows no boundries and burns in your soul forever. Samson travelled across the United States with us twice l...


Our baby. We will miss you. You were the most amazing and loving dog any parent could ask for. You will forever be in our hearts. We will NEVER forget you. We love you.


We Miss You Are Angel Girl!


Bebita, siempre estarás con nosotros


In Loving Memory of Scooter                            ...


Scooter "McScoot-Scoot" MasonMay 2006 - December 2009 You'll always be our little kitten. Scooter-Oh baby boy, you left so suddenly we didn't even get to say goodbye. We just want to let you know that these past three years you've been a part of ou...


Happy 16th birthday to the best cat ever! You left pawprints on my heart.


Scout, I love you with all my heart and hate thinking of your not being in my life. You have helped me through a lot in life and I want to thank you and thank God for bringing you to us. You have lived a wonderful 13.5 years but it isn't long enough for us. Go home, my little boyfriend . . . be free and play forever more. We love you and will be with you until the end. Thank you for everything. Mom & Dad


Our Boy "Scout" Paw prints forever left in our hearts


Scully was a proud member of our family for six years. He served his community well as a k-9 officer and filled our home with lots of love and joy. We will miss you big boy and love you forever.          ...


                                In loving memory of ScuzzbopperMay 1990-October 21st 2009 Scuzzy was one of the toughest animals I have ever known. H...


What a mark you have left on this world of ours! Life will never be the same without our best friend.


Dear Shadow. For 8 years you were a part of our family. We cared for you and loved you every single day. You were the best pet I could ever ask for. And when you were sick we did everything we could to help you. We never gave up praying for you, even up until the end. You will always be missed and never forgotten and one day I hope to see you again.


...forever in my heart..


To our best friend, and family member we will miss you so much.You are now free from pain, playing fetch like we use to. You protected us, loved us, and you were such a great friend.I cant wait to see you again, you have no idea how much you were loved and how much you are missed.


Shadow you are so loved, you were not just a pet but a very important family member. You would protect us,love us,and no matter how we were feeling we could count on you to bring a smile to our faces. We love you and miss you. No more pain, now go play fetch in heaven hope to see you there. I miss you my best friend....


In Loving Memory ofShelby1995-2010 We love you Shelby and miss you terribly. She was a sweet and loving dog. She was always so happy to see us. She would wag her tail and put her wet nose on us. We miss that. We miss her companionship. We miss ...


Friend, please don't mourn for me I'm still here, though you don't see. I'm right by your side each night and day and within your heart I long to stay. My body is gone but I'm always near. I'm everything you feel, see or hear. My spirit is free, but I'll never depart as long as you keep me alive in your heart


SHORTY we have loved you for so many years and you have brought us so much happiness with your soulful chocolate drop eyes and willingness to cuddle when we needed you. I am so sad we could not heal you to keep you with our family for a much longer time. We will miss you so much and the thought of not seeing you waiting at the door everyday breaks my heart. We will love and remember you always. Mom, Dad, Julia, Victoria, Ellie and Lilly


SHORTY we have loved you for so many years and you have brought us so much happiness with your soulful chocolate eyes, silly ways and willingness to cuddle when we needed you. I am so sad we could not heal you to keep you with our family for a much longer time. We will miss you so much and the thought of not seeing you waiting at the door everyday breaks my heart. We will love and remember you always. Mom, Dad, Julia, Victoria, Ellie and Lilly


SHORTY we have loved you for so many years and you have brought us so much happiness with your soulful chocolate eyes, silly ways and willingness to cuddle when we needed you. I am so sad we could not heal you to keep you with our family for a much longer time. We will miss you so much and the thought of not seeing you waiting at the door everyday breaks my heart. We will love and remember you always. Mom, Dad, Julia, Victoria, Ellie and Lilly


SimonMay 15, 2003 - January 16, 2010 My Dearest Simon, I never imagined that your life would be cut so short. I am so sorry little guy. Losing you has been like losing my child. I love you so much and I miss you so deeply. I pray that you are at pe...


You only lived for three years, but you managed to get deep into my heart. I will miss chasing you around the house and watching you play with your milk rings. God took you away, but if I could get you back I would give everything. I will never stop ...


We miss you.


The best first pet a girl could have.


My dog's name was Sky. He was part Lab, Great Dane and Weimerhaner. He was almost nine. He came into our life before he was even one. He was dumped on the side of our street in a box with six of his other siblings. We found all seven of them hiding ...


Forever in Our Hearts


"Baby Snoops,A part of my heart died with you today.  You gave me SO much joy in the 12 ½ years that you allowed me to love you.  Mama will love you and miss you for the rest of my life.  R.I.P. Mr. Snoopers!  12-4-09Love, ...


My good friend, you saved me for nine wonderful years. Thank you.


we will always love you. thank you for bringing more love into our house


We only had you for your last three years, but you gave us a lifetime's worth of love. We will always love and remember you. Rest in peace, sweet little Fifi.


I Will Love You and Miss You Always!!!


If love alone could have kept you three here, you would have lived forever... Our hearts are broken. Why did we have to lose you all so close together.


Spencer showed up at our front door on a cold December evening. Being only a few weeks before Christmas, we gave him the best gift a stray could ever wish for...a loving home. From day one, Spencer was a mush. You could pick him up and he would start...


Our Best Friend Spike Cancer took him away August 29, 2008 but he will always be in our hearts forever.              ...


Spike, there are no words to describe how grateful I am to have had you in my life. You were the sweetest and most loving cat and I couldn't have asked for a better childhood companion. I will never forget the times we had together and the special bond we acquired over the years. I will forever and always love and miss you, my sweet boy. Until we meet again, please watch over us all and visit me whenever you can so I know how you are doing. I love you so much <3


He was my best friend, I could always trust him to be there when I needed him. He looked out for me, he made sure that I was safe around the house and when on our long walks together. Life without him is going to be very strange. 13 years we were together, I will always keep him close in my heart.


Spooks was a rescue dog. She was shy, but it wasn't long before we became friends. Her favorite treat was a hotdog, and once she got used to being in the house, She learned to wait by the fridge until I would grab a turkey dog and hand it to her. She...


You were a great puppy. We love you so much baby Spot. With love, mommy and daddy


You will be missed greatly my little talkative buddy. We love you - Tommy, Lori, Mackenzie & Megan


We miss you, Little Man. Our time together was not enough. Sleep tight...and save us a spot alongside Midgie and Delilah.


You will always be in our hearts our beautiful Star Star


My best friend. You were wonderful and brought me so much happiness. I miss you. I will love you forever.


Don't grieve too long for now I'm free. I'm following the path God set for me I ran to Him when I heard His call, I wagged my tail and left it all. I could not stay another day, To meow, to love, to romp or play Lift up your heart and share with me. God wanted me now, He set me free.


  In Loving MemorySydneyJune 9, 2000 – July 5, 2009  You will always be with usTish & Jimaka Mom & Dad Our baby, baby, Sydney’s, time with us is over. After a brave and inspirational fight against cancer, Syd...


Sylvester was the girl cat with a boy's name. There was a church across the street from my first apartment in college. Some kids "rescued" three stray kittens - I think the momma cat had just gone out to hunt - from a hiding place behind the church l...


My Beloved Sylvia


T.C Your health failed, you were in pain, the decision to put you out of your misery weighs heavily upon my heart and mind. I shall never forget your little meow when hungry, or the look on your face when you tried to roll over. I will even miss you putting your full weight into my leg trying to push me over. Goodbye T.C I will miss you my little garfield looking cat. Rest in piece little buddy.


Taco Gone But Never Forgotten


        TankMost Loyal, Most Brave, Most Beloved8-1-95 to 6-26-09I miss you so much sweet boy. Its been almost 25 weeks since you left me. I am still devastated and cry for you daily. You loved me more thank any pers...

Taz Lopez

Taz Lopez 01/2009 - 07/21/2011 Forever In My Heart


             Teddie   Tiger Dear Teddie, I miss you to this day. I'll never forget how you worked out which window was my bedroom and how you used to climb up the apple tree outsi...


I remember it to be a typical morning, my sister and I running out the door to catch the school bus when we heard an unusual sound. Over and over we heard this "cry-like" noise but could not see where it was coming from. Finally, hiding underneath th...


Our beloved little boy that will be forever in our hearts. We will always love and miss him....


      My Dear and my first DOG I love you so muchThanks for be a great friend, to be with me every moment You are now in a better place 1995-2008        ...


I miss you Buddy. One day we'll meet again.


I just lost my baby..my bestfriend..the best thing in my life..of 6yrs..This cat has meant the world to me..I know it may sound crazy since its just an animal but he was like my child..he was my child because i don't have one..This cat followed me 24...


We love you very,very much Tiny and we miss you each and every day.Thank you for being such a loyal and loving friend all these years.God bless you on your current journey,we will meet again soon.We will never forget you,that is a promise.


I got Tippie when she was 4 weeks old, had to bottle feed her for awhile but I knew then she was my Angel. We did a lot together. Tippie moved from Texas to Missouri with me.. I remember our first snow together. She didn't care for it but she was a t...


"Forever Our Best Friend"


  May 15, 2003 - May 24, 2008My little Tobe Dobe.You were absolutely the greatest cat I have ever known. You had so much spunk and personality. I would call your name and you would come running, chatting away the whole time. You would follow me ...


You'll always be our little man


We had to say goodbye to our lovely kitty, Toonces, during a cold January night. I stayed up all night with her, knowing she would probably not see the morning. We had taken her to the vet repeatedly but there was nothing they could do to save her. S...


You were our first baby. You were always happy to see us. You loved running on the beach. You never met a person or dog you didn't want to become friends with. You were overly gentle with Lucas when he arrived. You were on fire on steep hills an...


Forever in Our Hearts


Trixie, we miss you more than words can say. You were our little girl. You will NEVER be forgotten. We loved you with all our heart and ALWAYS will.




Troy Sakirsky October 1, 2004 - March 2, 2010 It's still so hard to believe he's gone…. You will forever be in our hearts and thoughts. From the moment we all met you up until yesterday you have provided the kind of unconditional love to our ...


My Boy, Trucie...You were what Love is to me, and Forever in My Heart.


This is our sweet boy, Tugg. We named him that because when first saw him at our local Humane Society when he was only about 8 weeks old, he "tugged" at our hearts, thus his name! He was our faithful companion and friend for 17 years. He passed from ...


  Twix died on the 9th of February, 2009. I miss him so much he was my little angel.  ...


    Here's a boy that would have fought a pit bull to protect his family! :) He looks so innocent in the picture (which by the way is a baby picture), but he was a little bugger! He lived a happy and spoiled life and was the king of the...


Our Companion Our Friend


You were the best and very loved. The most brave boy I ever knew. We will never forget you


May 28, 1997 - September 9, 2009 Webster was a 12 year old miniature poodle that was very loving and really smart. He loved going every week to Agility Class and for long rides in the car to the pet store. He loved people that he came into contact w...


You were always there to comfort us when we needed it, and you had your own little way of "communicating" with us. When we got you over 18 years ago, I never dreamed that you would still be at home after our daughters moved out. No more will we hear your incessant meows for the heater to be lit so you can bask in it's warmth. There will never be another cat quite so special, and we will love and remember you always.


My faithful friend, you will forever be in my heart. You were such a beautiful girl, inside and out. I love and miss you very much. I hope you get all the Whiskas you can eat in Heaven


Wickett was Born April 12, 2000 and passed away December 15, 2007. He was my best friend and companion. I still cry everyday for him. Thank you for having this site. Kelly Gardner   I'm Wickett's friend Tramp and I'm 3 months old. Aren't...


Everyone who met you loved you. Even the coldest of hearts was seduced by your charm. Dad, the man who didn't like cats, loved you. Every night you would sit with him in the recliner, chew on his feet and steal some snacks. You were one of the family, and I don't know what we'll do without you. Heck, you weren't even our cat at first! You just snuck through the cat door and made yourself at home. You got so sick so suddenly, none of us knew what to do. When you came out of surgery, the doctor was proclaiming what a fighter you were, and how you would make a full recovery. But you died later that night, and I wish more than anything I could have been there with you Will. You were my fluffy lover boy, the toe muncher with the girly meow. How I'll miss coming home and rubbing your belly. But I know without a doubt that you're in heaven now with Judge, and one day we will all meet again. I love you Will, and will miss you for the rest of my life. Love, The Kid


AKC Registered Name: Infinity’s Bra-wi Tawin Windu Please forgive me for not knowing how to take your pain away.  Although I cannot hold you in my arms, I can hold you in my heart forever. "If love could have saved you, you would have l...


My dear sweet boy. You were taken too soon. I miss you more than I can say. I love you so much, little buddy.


                                  January 9, 1994 - April 24, 2009I will always love you Wolfgang. I look at your picture and th...


We always considered ourselves dog people, but then you came to us in the wood pile. . .before we knew it, you had stolen our hearts, and you were ours. What a good cat you were! So pretty, and always such a good listener. It was always cute to see you and Natasha together, and it was assumed Rookie would get along with you too. No such luck, but despite his constant barking, you seemed to think he could be your friend as well. It’s strange to go into your room and not find you there. After all, you were a fixture in our lives for 13 years. Our hearts hurt with your passing, but it makes us smile to know you are once again healthy, playing with your friends Catapiller and Natasha. We love and miss you sweet Woods.


WrinklesMarch 17, 1995 - March 18, 2010 You are one of my oldest and dearest friends and I will never forget the time I spent with you. I'm sorry we held out for so long while you were in pain. I am happy to know that you will never suffer another s...


This Little man was loved by many , but will be missed by all. May he run with his Mom that he has been missing for 6 months.. I love u wyaha and I will miss you dearly..


Our Sweet Girl You always made us smile, even when you were bold. I am so glad you were in our lives.


My little man, my little second in command...my friend. I wish we could have saved you. I miss you so much, and I will always love you. Goodbye, my sweet little boy.


                    Ziggy you are dearly missed. In your short life you inspired others to Adopt and save lives. You inspired others to volunteer with rescues. Because of you other G...


                        Zoe, we will always miss your excitement and zest for life. You were willing to try anything, you loved us all so much. There is a big empty pla...


Zoe you will always be in our hearts


Zoeie, you are my sweet little angel. Having you with me for 15 years made my life so happy. When your precious little soul went to Heaven, you took a part of my soul with you. I will forever love and miss you, my sweet little girl. Play and run and never grow tired. I pray you are being loved by God and all of his angels. I love you! I miss you! I can't wait to hold you again. I miss your sweet little kisses and looking in your trusting little eyes. 5-6-13 Almost two years after I said goodbye, my heart continues to ache to hold you. I miss you and pray you knew how much you were cherished and loved. Kisses to you my sweet little girl. I love you.