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Granite Pet Grave Marker  2" Granite Pet Memorial Stone  Original Photo for Engraving
Lady's Memorial Closer View Original Photo Submitted for Engraving

Lady, or most often called "Ladybug" was our pet for 14 years. When people first looked at her, they would always say "Awe what a pretty puppy." She was so young looking and in fact was a senior. She was more than just a dog, she was like our kid and best buddy. We couldn't have ask for a better dog. She was good natured and such a sweetheart. We loved her so much and she enjoyed doing everything with us.

Her favorite things were riding in the vehicles with us, it didn't matter where you were going and long as she got to go, and we always took her whenever possible. She loved to play ball, ride on the 4-wheeler, go for walks, and play in the snow. She was a very good swimmer, but didn't really like to do it very much. She loved to go fishing on the neighbors creek. She would run back and forth to see what was going on, or watch to see the bobber move and wait patiently to see the fish come in. Deer season was a favorite time because while the butchering was being done she would wait for scraps to hopefully fall on the floor. Her favorite game was us hiding pieces of deer jerky through out the house and her getting that first whiff. She would hunt the jerky until she found it all! What a great companion!!

She left us too soon, but we had a lot of good years with her. We have a lot of good memories and now her grave is marked with the beautiful stone we got from you in the backyard. We miss you girl!!    
Rick & Dianne

Our Puppy  Lady Swimming  Ladybug