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horse memorial
 cookie-and-punkylg.jpg horse memorial marker
Kisses from Punky My Drawing of Me & Punky
 Punky's Memorial Marker

My favorite memories of Me and Punky:

  • when we dressed up in our bumble bee costumes and won the blue every time (see our pictures below)
  • winning the high point youth award at our first rated miniature show.
  • the day that Punky was delivered to me! My Dad was out of town at the time and we wanted Punky to be in the barn before he was able to get home and tell us no. Dad grew to love Punky too!

Punky, I hope that you will be waiting for me in heaven because I still miss and love you so much. And thank you for Scout. My mom surprised me with your son Scout on my birthday! He's not you, but he sure is special because of you. I love you! Cookie

horse memorial
 Miniature Horse Memorial
 Our Bumblebee Costumes   Punky's Bumblebee Stinger!

More Pictures!! 
horse memorial
 horse pet memorial
When I first got Punky . . .
  My new horse, Scout, Punky's Son