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Prairie Dog Pet Memorial
 Bob the Prairie Dog Bob's Pet Memorial Stone
Allison and Bob My Drawing of Bob  Bob's Pet Memorial Stone

Some things we loved about Bob…

His beautiful fur and how it changed with the seasons –
Short and a light brown color in the spring and summer and long fluffy fur with black and red highlights in the fall and winter.

We loved to watch him eat. 
He would hold his food with his hands.  He loved snacking on raisins, sunflower seeds, Cheerios and Shredded Wheat Cereal.

We loved the “howl” he would make when he was happy to see us.

He loved to snuggle and sleep with us.  We loved that!  He would sleep next to us all night. 
When the kids were put in bed at night they would also ask for Bob to lay with them.

He loved us and we loved him.
We miss you Bob!


sleeping with Bob
 Luke and Bob
 Luke, Ali and Bob Snoozing   Too Comfy!

Bob through the years... 
 2009 2010
2008   2009 2010