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Shadow and the kids  Drawing of Shadow coming soon!
Ginger, Anna, James and Shadow My Drawing of Shadow  Shadow's Pet Memorial Stone

Dear Shadow,
We will always remember how you loved to…
Sleep under the bed
Fetch the tennis ball for hours
Hang out with your grandfathers
Have your ears rubbed
Get toweled off on a rainy day
Visit Dr. J.
Wrestle with Ginger
Eat bacon

You were the smartest dog ever and always so serious. We loved your doggie “hugs” when you nuzzled your nose in our laps.  Your huge pointy ears and long, long tongue made you a very handsome dog.

We love you and miss you,
Anna, James, Aimee, Mark, and especially Ginger 

Shadow and Anna  James and Shadow
 Shadow and Anna   James and Shadow

Ginger and Shadow  Shadow
Ginger says:
It's always better when we're together...
  Dad is more comfy than a pillow!