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Help to ease the heartache

The death of a pet is often the first experience a child has with serious loss and it can be a lifelong  memory of heartbreak. One of our primary goals at Peternity is to help to ease the heartbreak… especially for children. To that end we've developed a very special pet memorial package, primarily for children, called Kidoodlyrocks.

What exactly is a Kidoodlyrock?

Kidoodlyrocks is a package that includes both a pet memorial marker engraved with your child’s own drawing of their pet and their own pet memorial page in our Kidoodlyrocks Gallery.

How does this help your child?

A child is empowered when given the opportunity to be the one to create the memorial to their dear pet. When children have something creative to focus on their focus shifts and they stop dwelling on the sadness and the pain so much. This makes space in their heart for some healing to begin. When they hold their memorial marker in their little hands, and see their gallery page with their own words and drawings, they have tangible proof of the love they feel for the pet that they miss so much.

How does this help you?

Having a project in motion gives you a forum, as parents, to help your child/children address their sadness. You can sit with them and draw them out of their sadness and confusion by asking questions about the animal they loved so much: how they felt about them, their memories, what made them laugh, etc. These dedicated moments encouraging your child to express their joys, laughter and sadness through words and drawings can work wonders with recovery for both of you. If you're not sure where to begin, we have a
list of questions that can help you get the ball rolling.

How does it work?

  1. Your child draws a picture of their pet, writes their thoughts to their dear animal, and chooses a photo(s) of themselves with their pet. All of these things get sent into us via email, fax, or snail mail as part of the order process when you order their memorial marker.
  2. We laser engrave your child's drawing and parting words onto a lovely piece of genuine imported white marble.
  3. We then create a page exclusively for your child and pet on the Peternity website in our Kidoodlyrocks Gallery and include all these items: a picture of the completed marker, a photo of your child’s original drawing, pictures of your child and pet, and any thoughts that your child has expressed.
  4. We then lovingly wrap your one-of-a-kind marker and send it home to your family where your child can have the delight of finding the perfect place to put this symbol of his memories.
  5. We would be thrilled to include a photo of the marker’s final “place of pride” on your gallery page.
  6. When friends and family visit your child's pet memorial page in the Kidoodlyrocks Gallery, they too can send in any parting words or memories of your child's pet that they would like to contribute.

There is no right or wrong thing to say,
no list too long or short, and no drawing too simple or "rustic" . . .
it is only the heart of the child that matters.
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