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Bailey was the best dog ever. She was always there for us.
Pet Memorial 
Dog Memorial Dog Memorial
Our Sweet Bailey Sully & Bailey Josie & Bailey

Our Drawings of Bailey

Pet Memorial Drawing

Dog Memorial Kidoodlyrock
Josie, Age 7 Sully, Age 4 Our Kidoodlyrock

Things we remember about Bailey:
  • Feeding treats
  • Loved to eat sausage off our plates
  • Loved when we threw her toys
  • Loved treats
  • Licked us
  • Would shake
  • Loved swimming
  • Loved us!
  • A good dog
  • She slept on my bed
  • She whined at us
  • Her penguin toy
  • Liked to chase squirrels
  • Liked other dogs
  • Loved going for walks
  • She would growl through glass at anyone
  • She was a guard dog
  • She liked being in our family
  • Loved car rides and could turn on windshield wipers
  • Barked at orange cones in construction zones
  • Good at running Bailey was the best dog ever!

More Pictures of Bailey and thoughts from Grandma!

dog memorial
dog memorial

It was love at first sight when the man held you up for us to see.
A fluffy ball of golden fur with the sweetest brown eyes.
We were newlyweds and wanted to expand our family.
We got you home and you were so little you could not crawl up on the pillow we thought would be your bed.
It did not matter because you ended up sleeping in our bed.
What a nightmare it was to take you in the car on a rainy days if there were orange road construction barrels or a bicyclist.
You hated all things orange, bicyclists and the windshield wipers.
And even though you hate those wipers, you would bump the switch and pounce at the windshield to attack them.
It was a game to you. Our windshield was full of scratches.
We never had to worry about anyone getting into our car when you were there, just touch the glass and you went crazy, you could not understand that concept.
We spoiled you with tons of stuffed animals.  You would chew off their eyes and squeak them until they stopped, but chewed nothing more.
You had a basket full of your animals and knew everyone by heart. If one were missing, you would whine until it was found.
You loved to be teased with the Taco Bell dog in the cupboard and it got so we could say, “yo caro Taco Bell” and you would stand by the door waiting to see the Taco dog and later on Perry Penguin.
You were the queen of the house.
Then came the kids.
You were very curious at first, always peeking in on them and standing guard by them.
When they began to crawl, you loved the attention. They loved to crawl up you like a big fur mountain. You tolerated it until they pulled your hair or poked you in the eye. Never once did you snap or bite them, you just got up and moved to a safer distance away.
You loved that they were always dropping food on the floor for you to eat.  It got so you would not eat Cheerios.
You had your pay backs for all our teasing. You would steal the kid’s toys or our shoes and socks and hide them.
You were always at the door to greet who ever came, and learned to give men a special nudge to get their attention.
As we grew older so did you; funny we never noticed your aging because you were always our puppy.
Your face became gray and you had aliments, but then so did we.
You were our protector, comforter and companion.
We will miss you our Bailey dog.
Tonight I looked up into the sky and it was full moon, I just knew you were sending a message, “Don’t worry, I will be watching you from up here.”