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K9 Leoni     Leoni Pet Memorial

Leoni was a very special dog, she actually saved my life one night when a criminal came at me with a weapon.  Without her I would have died.

Leoni was a policedog, her story is amazing and I gave the original stone I ordered to her police trainer and also had part of her ashes buried where she did her police dog training. The new plaque that you will make for me now will be where the rest of Leoni will be buried, in our home's beautiful property on the lake.  I have just had a landscape architect design a wonderful burial spot for her with an arbor, a water feature and a place for me to sit and be with her.   
You can imagine how hard this has been.  It is however moments like the moment I had when I found out that a donation was made in her honor from your company that makes this all that much easier.  I received a letter from our local Humane Society that said that Colleen Mihelich (Owner and Founder of Peternity) had made a donation.  Wow you are both so very special; what a kind thing to do.

I will never forget this, ever. It has inspired me to create a foundation to save dogs that need surgery to live but their owners can't afford it.  I need to touch others like you both have touched me.  Thank you for caring about my very special Leoni.  ~ Denise