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Do you ship anywhere in the world?
Yes we do. Although our online shopping cart is only set up to ship within the United States and Canada, we can ship anywhere in the world. 

How do I place an International Order? 
You may reach us by phone at 877-738-7322. We are located in Arizona, so we are Mountain Standard Time Zone. The country code for the United States is 001. If you find that calling is difficult due to different time zones or very expensive, we recommend you contact us first via email at Your entire order can be placed via email, including arranging the payment for your piece through Paypal. Please let us know the name, and size if applicable, of the item you are interested in. Then, please provide the complete shipping address we would be mailing your order to. We will email you back with the total price and all the details needed to start your order. 

What carriers do you ship through?
We have found that the United States Postal Service is often the least expensive option for shipping. However, we are able to ship via UPS or FedEx as well. We will price check for each order we receive so that we can give you the most economical option.  

What payments do you accept?
We accept payments through Paypal as well as all major credit cards. For a credit card payment, you will need to call us at 877-738-7322 to place your order.  The country code for the United States is 001.  Emailing credit card information is not secure.    

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I just placed an order. How quickly will I get it?
Turn around time varies. On the page you ordered from, there is most likely a turn around time noted. In general, stones are 3-6 weeks. Jewelry is 3-4 weeks depending on the style. Non-customized items should ship within 7 business days.  

I need my order for a special event.  Can you rush it?
Likely we can. Just let us know in the comments portion of your order that you need it for a special date. We'll confirm with you that we can rush your order. Or call us at 877-738-7322 to run your timeframe by us. 

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Is the text and graphics just painted onto the stone?
No, all of our stones are laser engraved and sandblasted. Except for our black granite stones which are just laser engraved, all pet memorial markers are first laser engraved, and then sandblasted to etch the text and graphics deeper into the stone. Then, they're painted for further emphasis.

What is the best way to lay my stone on the ground?
All of our stones can be laid on the grass, against other stones or mound of earth, or, just on the ground. For slate, quartz and flagstone, it is best to lay down a layer of sand where you want to set the stone. Place the stone on top of the sand and hose the whole thing down with water. This will set the stone and keep it in place. The color of the stone may change when wet, but it will go back to its original color when it dries.

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How do I determine what size urn would be best for my cremains? 
A standard measure is to a
llow 1 cubic inch in the size of the urn per pound of live weight.

Do you have any suggestions for how to best use an urn? 
Urns can be used to store loose ashes, or they can be used to keep cremains in a small bag. Urns are  great for apartment dwellers who don't have a yard to bury a pet in, for homeowners who know that they won't be in their home for a long time, or for homeowners who are prohibited by county, state or association rules to bury animals in their yards.

I'm concerned about the urn tipping over and the loose ashes spilling. Do your urns seal tightly? 
The urns don't generally seal tightly. The way that loose ashes are kept inside of urns traditionally, is by sealing the urns shut permanently. This can be done with an epoxy sealant that you can buy at any home improvement store, or with Crazy Glue gel, not regular Crazy Glue, but specifically, the gel glue. The other option is to put some of the cremains in a small sealable plastic bag and place the bag inside of the urn.

If you don't want to permanently seal the urn shut, you can place the ashes first into a sealable plastic bag and then store the plastic bag in a fabric Pet Cremains Bag.

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What is fusing?
Fusing is the process of melting glass together in a kiln. The glass is then called fused glass.

What is the process the glass goes through during fusing?
Based on how much melting the artist wants and how thick the glass is, will determine the temperature of the kiln and the length of time the glass will remain in the kiln. If the glass is not in the kiln for sufficient time, the glass may crack and break from stress left in the glass during the firing process. The kiln can get as hot as 1800, but it usually is used between 1250 and 1600. The glass can be in the kiln from 8 to 12 hours to several days depending on the piece being created. The glass may also go into the kiln more than one time depending on what the artist is creating.

What is kiln carving?
Kiln carving is the process of creating 3-dimensional patterns on the glass by using another material. For instance, I create leaves out of fiber paper, which won’t burn in the kiln. I then lay the leaves under the glass during the firing process. When I take the glass out, I have impressions of leaves on my glass.

What is kiln casting?
Kiln casting is the process of creating thick pieces of glass in the kiln. Glass prefers to even out to about 6mm if it was given the choice. Artists, who use kiln casting in their art, create dams or moulds to hold the glass so that it will create a thick piece of glass.

What does slumping mean?
To create an object like a bowl, the glass must bend to make the shape. Moulds in the shape of a bowls or other objects are created out of substances like clay and are used in the slumping process. The mould is placed under the glass during the firing process. If the glass bends into the mould, it is referred to as slumping. If the glass bends over the mould, it is referred to as draping or sagging.

What is a drop mould?
A drop mould looks like a flat doughnut. It is suspended on ceramic legs. The glass is placed on top of the drop mould. When the glass is heated, it falls through the hole creating vases, and other objects. The depth of the object will be determined by how long the glass is left in the kiln and how high the mould was suspended in the kiln.

How do you cut glass?
I have a couple of tools at my disposal. I can use a hand glass cutter, which looks like a pizza cutter with a very small cutting head. When pushed onto the glass, it cuts the very top of the glass. A tool called running pliers, which looks like bent pliers is used to bend the glass at the scored line. This will snap the glass into two parts. Another tool I use is called a ring saw. It looks like a miniature band saw, but it sits in a basin of water. The ring saw will cut through the glass just like a band saw cuts through wood. The water is used to keep the glass and the blade on the ring saw cool. If either gets over heated, the glass may break.

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Cremains Beads

How do I add additional memory beads to my order?
You can completely customized your memory bead jewelry. Call us toll free at 877-738-7322 between 9AM and 4PM Monday through Friday, MST. You can add glass beads, multiple memory beads, a special clasp, or upgraded chain. We will personally work out a price quote for you on the phone.

How do I know what kind of beads the artist will choose for my suncatcher?
As you can see in the two examples, the beads chosen for your suncatcher string are complimentary to the memory bead you choose. In the Tropical Waters memory bead suncatcher, the artist chose blue and green tones. For the Serenity memory bead suncatcher, pink and puple beads were chosen. However, your suncatcher is completely customizable. If you have a specific design in mind, use the comments box on the order page to tell us what colors and shapes of beads you would prefer to be either included or excluded. Or, call us toll free at 877-738-7322 to discuss your order in person.

I don't understand how registered mail works. Is it going to be complicated?
Not at all. After you place your order, a small vial for measuring out a spoonful of your pet's cremains will arrive to you at the shipping address you give us. After following the enclosed instructions, you will place your cremains in the pre-labeled box for shipping it back to us. The shipping fees will already be pre-paid and the Registered Mail form required by the Post Office will already by filled out. All you have to do is take your sealed package to a US Post Office near you and give the clerk the box and the Registered Mail form. It will then arrive to us securely and requires a signature at our end to make sure we receive your package safe and sound.

Memory Pendants

What is dichroic glass?

Dichroic glass is a special glass made in a high temperature vacuum chamber, the glass is coated with vapors of exotic metals through the use of a high-powered electron gun. There can be as many as 60 layers of metals on each piece of glass. The dichroic glass itself has no color. The colors are created by light striking the coating on the glass. Each piece of dichroic glass has three colors associated with it: a reflected color, a transmitted color and a third reflective color that can be viewed at a 45-degree angle. This causes the glass to change color as the light hits it from different angles. 

How long will my order take to create?
Your custom pendant will take between 4-6 weeks to create and ship.  Each pendant is designed, hand cut, assembled, fired in a kiln and inspected by the artist to insure that every piece is truly a one-of-a-kind, unique gift that will last a lifetime.

Can I create a pendant with the cremains of multiple pets?
Yes. Most pendants can include up to three loved pets.  The cost for the additional cremation vials to receive your loved ones' ashes is $10 for one additional vial and $19 for two additional vials.  Please call us at 877-738-7322 if you would like to create this special order.

Can I have a pendant made with gold instead of silver?
A gold filled bail and gold colored cord ends are available at an extra cost of $7.95 per cord. Please call us at 877-738-7322 to place your order with this option or notate it in the comments section during checkout. Once your order is placed, this additional charge will be added to your order and confirmed.

How do I know how much cremains or strands of hair to send for my pendant?
Upon placing your order, you will receive a confirmation from us and then shortly, a detailed email from the artist. A kit will be mailed to you with instructions on how to send a small vial (about 1/4 teaspoon) of cremains and/or about 6-12 strands of hair. Also included in this kit will be a confirmation selection form to allow you to confirm or make changes on your order so that the piece you receive is exactly what you want.

What kind of guarantee is there on these pendants?
The artist, whom you will be in direct contact with, guarantees her workmanship against defects for life and offers a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.  Breakage due to misuse or neglect will not be covered. If there are any concerns over the soundness of the pendant, just contact us at 877-738-7322 and we'll put you in touch with the artist directly so you can express your concerns before returning your piece.

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Carla Fish

So you work from photos?
Yes, multiple photos ideally. They don’t all need to be great shots, I just need to get the markings correct of ‘your baby’. I also try to get them in positions other than what you already have a photo of, which is
often something playful like driving a car. This composition is decided on based on your description of their personality, traits, habits, activities toys, and anecdotes.

What is needed to get started?
Simply multiple photos, an email or phone conversation about the pet’s personality and a 50% deposit.

What medium do you use?
I use colored pencil and Ad marker on a textured Color fix paper. This gives me the right texture for the fur and great saturated color. The depth of the color is even more vivid in the original than across your computer screen.

What is your style?
Take a look at my site to see the “Personality” of my art. I try to capture your pet’s individual adorableness while still keeping it realistic. I’m told by some it is like a realistic cartoon. But remember you are working directly with me the artist, so if you wanted something more realistic, or more cartoonish, within my style of work, I can tailor your art just for your tastes!

Can you create cards of my pet?
Only after custom pet art of your beloved pet is purchased, can cards be created. However, at that point the possibilities are endless with my ability to manipulate your scanned image by cropping it, adding things i.e., a Santa hat, or a close up of a face.

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What is the difference between an urn and a keepsake box? 
Urns are used to store loose ashes, or cremains in a bag. Keepsake boxes are also used to store cremains in a bag, but you can also fit other special items in the box along with the cremains, such as a collar, your pet's favorite toy, ID tags, photos, etc.

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Photo Blankets
Photographs: Our picture blankets are knitted in recycled cotton from your actual photographs. Any photograph will work. You can submit either color photos or black and white, recent or old family pictures. While any photograph can be knitted into a blanket, we recommend for the best results a clear focused photograph. Our intention is to produce the highest quality product possible with your picture on it. Digital Photographs: In general your digital camera is set at 72dpi. These photographs work great as long as the size has not been altered in your photographic editing software. If you have reduced the size of the photo for printing purposes, please provide us with a minimum of a 200dpi image. We are able to accept a wide range of files like: jpeg, tiff, pdf, eps, and raw.

Scanned Photographs: Please submit your scanned photos at 300dpi. Save your scan as a jpeg and upload your image to our server at the end of the order on line process. It’s as easy as that.

Colors: We knit your picture into our blankets in two available colors. Please choose black & white or sepia tones during the ordering process. Both colors are in our recycled cotton.

Washing Instructions: Your picture blanket is pre shrunk as part of the knitting process. Feel free to machine wash warm and tumble dry on medium heat. There will be no shrinking of the recycled cotton and this product is made to last for generations.

Shipping: Blankets are shipped UPS ground from 2 to 3 weeks from the receipt of your order. Please allow for a little extra time around the Christmas holiday. Allow 3-5 days for delivery.

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How do I get my picture small enought? 
You don't have to worry about that at all. Just attach your photo of choice during the checkout process. We will contact you via email once your order is placed to confirm all the details of your order. You will be able to let us know if you would like your photo cropped a particular way. We will then size your photo to fit.

How long will it be to get my custom piece?  
Once you provide us with the photo or photos you would like to use, it is approximately 2 weeks to receive your item. Expedited shipping is available if you need it and you can always let us know if you're in a pinch and need a rush.

Can I customize my piece further?   
Absolutely. Each photo memory piece is hand made by the artist. If you have a special length, bail, bead color or extra text you want to add just call us at 877-738-7322 and we're sure we can create just what you have in mind. 

How durable is my photo memorial going to be?   
Treat your new piece of jewelry (or other resin photo keepsake) like pearls - the last to put on and first to come off. Although quite durable and waterproof, keep in mind that it is resin, not glass, so avoid getting any types of chemical on it such as perfume, hairspray, lotions, sunscreen, or jewelry cleaner.  Such products can dull the shiny surface.  Use water and a soft cloth to clean it if necessary. 

What if my jewelry doesn't fit?   
If for any reason your bracelet is too big or too small, you can return it to us and we will resize it for no charge. Just make sure that the measurement you give us during the order process is a snug fit of your actual wrist size. We will add about 1/2" to make it a comfortable length. For a necklace order, you will be able to choose your chain length during checkout. The return address for a size adjustment will be included with your order.  

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Does my family have to send you the ashes?
No, we send you the urn(s). Your veterinarian will likely be willing to separate and “inurn” the ashes for you, or you can add them yourself if you’re in possession of the cremains.

Heaven forbid the tree should not grow. Is there any kind of guarantee or replacement policy?
Yes, we ensure that there are more than enough growth medium and nutrient compounds as well as seeds to neutralize the ashes’ negative effects while bringing out the positive elements, allowing the tree to be nourished and thrive. In the unlikely event that the tree does not grow or an animal eats the sapling, you may choose to have us send you replacement seeds and growth medium. Or if you prefer, an actual sapling which you can plant on the initial burial site can be sent to you allowing the nutrients of your loved one to become the heart of a tree, with our compliments.

Are there any reasons that maybe a community could raise an objection that might prevent the family from doing this (where they normally could plant a tree)?
Throughout the U.S., the cremated remains of pets are deemed to hold no health hazards to the public. The only point noted is that you should obtain permission to release your cremated remains on personal property.

Is there a way to divide the ashes into multiple containers so that this way several family members could plant a tree in their family’s own yard?
The average pet will fit in 1 urn (if your pet was 35 pounds or less). A large breed dog will need 2+ urns. We designed EterniTrees to allow your pet to thrive as a living memorial and still give you the option of placing some of the cremated remains in a cemetery or other place of disposition.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

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