In our gallery you will find photographs of some of our customers pet memorial stones and grave markers in their homes and in their yards. They've been kind enough to share these lovely photos with us so that we could see the final resting places of their dear friends, adorned with the pet grave markers that we've created. We thought that you might find some peace in seeing them too. And it may give you some ideas in creating a yard sanctuary for your dear friend, or finding just the right place in your home to display your pet memorial marker.

To contribute to our garden gallery,  please email your text and photograph(s) to This service is free.

Click on the links below to see our stones in peoples' homes, gardens and sanctuaries.

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas
pet memorial garden Cocolt_tn.jpg pet memorial marker pet memorial garden 
 pet memorial marker pet memorial marker  pet memorial   pet memorial garden  
 Josstonelg.jpg  pet memorial pet memorial
marble pet grave marker 
 pet memorial stone  granite pet memorial stone pet memorial stone  Lady 
pet memorial stone  Granite Pet Memorial Stone  The Smith Family Pet Cemetery  Bobbi's Garden Memorial
Dunkin's Garden Memorial  Hugo's Urn  Beloved Marivel  Sweet Kay
Jakey Boy Pet Memorial Stone  Bo Pet Memorial Stone  Delilah Pet Memorial Stone  Scooter and Tiger
Sheba the Tiger  Home Pet Memorial Garden  Backyard Pet Memorial Garden  Olivia
Pillow Base Grande Granite Headstone for two best buds  Kayla's Photo Granite Headstone  Sophie's Stone Millie and Mojo