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Olivia   Olivia's Stone
 Olivia's Photo

 The proof of the stone engraved for Olivia


Olivia's Garden Side View Another View

I adopted Olivia (the "Miss" was added later on) from the Basset Hound Rescue of Alabama in April of 2005 while I was stationed at Ft. Rucker, AL with the Army.  I had gotten her to keep my 1-yr old male Basset, Elvis company during the day while I was at work.  Little did I know that this little stinker would become my absolute WORLD.  Olivia traveled with me from AL to TX; then to MD for a year (grandmom watched her) while I deployed to Afghanistan.  Then to VA, and finally settling back in TX for good once I was discharged from the Army in Oct. of 2010.  Everyone knew and loved Olivia.  I'd take her to work with me on occasion and would receive countless belly rubs from all of the soldiers. 

I started calling Olivia "Miss Olivia" because of her diva personality - always the dominate one of the hound bunch (I Olivia Keeping Coolhad 4 including her) and her nickname was Squishy.  Why Squishy?  Because she was a big bag of squishiness :) of course!  Actually, I called her Squishy more than I called her Miss Olivia and she always answered to both.  By the time I'd made it down to TX again, it was just her and I - two peas in a pod.  We settled in Round Rock and it was her first house with a back yard with a fence to roam around in as she pleased.  Every morning, she'd get her 45-minute walk around the neighborhood.  It was only one block but she was always a slow dog (unless there was a squirrel).  All the kids in the neighborhood knew her... even the ones who were afraid of dogs couldn't resist petting that big belly when she'd roll over.  Her favorite thing to do to stay cool in the TX heat was to dig a hole in the dirt under our deck and curl up.  At night, she knew she'd get a bone if she went potty, and tell me all about it when she'd come in from outside, lol.  I made sure to always have bones on hand.  When it was time for bed, I always slept with the fan on to overpower her loud snoring.

Olivia at the WeddingI adopted an English Coonhound from a kill shelter in FL 2 years ago to keep her company.  Olivia and I drove all the way to and from FL together to pick her up.  Her buddy Penny sure does miss her now.  Miss Olivia was even in my wedding this past October.  There was no way I was getting married without my kid present!  She did try to eat my bouquet but that's only because she loved lettuce.  I think she was confused lol. 

Miss Olivia was such a huge part of my life for so long and I still can't believe that she isn't here with me.  Her getting sick was completely unexpected.  I thought for sure she'd be around to play with my children that haven't even been born yet.  My days have been so sad for the past month without her.  I miss her hugs and doggy kisses.  I miss our cuddle time on the couch and in the bed.  I miss our walks and car rides together.  I miss watching her play with Penny in the back yard.  i miss her sweet voice and her stinky hound dog smell.  I miss EVERYTHING about her and cannot wait to see her again at Rainbow Bridge.  Until then, Baby Girl, rest in peace my Sweetheart.
~Stacey Torres

Stacey with her Hounds Nap Time
Olivia's Yard Olivia Photo Op Smiling