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Senna on the Beach  The boys together Mick on the deck
Senna on the Beach

 The Boys

Mick on the Deck

 These photos were used to make the stone...

Main View of Stone
Main View of Senna and Mick's Stone
Sideview of Stone Garden View of Stone
Pillow Base - Slopes from back to front Garden Area

To Our Dear Mick & Senna,
Thank you so much for coming into our lives and allowing us to join your pack!
Your Mama and I adored you both. You were a bright shining light that we shared for fifteen years.
Though from different parents you became instant friends and the best of brothers. Inseparable.

Mick was The Boss indoors while Senna was the one in charge on all walks and car rides. And boy did they like riding in the car. The beach too was a favorite outing, even if it did mean they were getting a bath when it was over.
They loved their meals of course and could never get enough treats. Spending time with us on the couch, and of course, sleeping in the bed were what they lived for.

We miss the 'Full on Greeting' when we arrived home. It was the same intensity every time, always. And the "Bichon Racetrack" inside the house was so much fun to watch. Lots of energy! Senna had many physical challenges later on but dealt with them like they were nothing. Mick would help him recover and was always protective of his older brother. Mick absolutely adored his Senna. We thought Mick, who was a little younger, would be around longer than Senna but it didn't work out that way.

Our sincerest apologies to you both for the pain and discomfort you each must have felt towards the end. Had we known what was really going on (with you physically) you must know we would have alleviated your pain much, much sooner. You were tough little hombres. Never complained. Stoic. Very impressive.

Boys, we have shed our tears and must now let you run free. We will miss you every single day.
You were good little boys. The Best.
With Love,
Mark and Tara

Smiling Boys Good times inside Riding in the car