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Kayla's Photo  Her stone The pet memorial garden
Kayla's Photo

The completed stone

Her pet memorial garden

We didn't have Kayla very long by our standards - only a couple of years. In those couple of years her personality was just the HAPPIEST - OUTGOING - FRIENDLY attitude towards everyone! We started calling her "Moose" for a nick name because she grew much bigger than we really expected and she would push her way to the front of your attention! She would wag her whole body around to get in your eye site to notice her... Kayla was a MOOSE and her heart was just as big as her body! She loved anyone that looked her way! Her passing was very unexpected and hit the entire family pretty hard! Kayla is GREATLY MISSED by everyone in our house! Having somewhere to go visit her has helped, especially since not only do we have a stone to mark where she is, but the picture on her marker couldn't have come any closer!

Thank you Peternity for the kindness you showed at a time when my family needed it!! The help you offered in resizing our pic of Kayla to the sending of the proof for the family to all agree on. Your customer service is OUTSTANDING!! My family is very GRATEFUL and highly recommends you to everyone we hear about that is looking for a remembrance of their loved one!

Kayla's Hug On the Couch
Time for hugs Time for snoozing