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photo for pet memorial marker Dunkin's Stone
Dunkin's Photo The completed granite stone

My name is Michael Magin, and my wife (Julie) and I lost our 16 year old Cocker Spaniel, Dunkin, on Oct. 18, 2008. At that time, Julie and I were so overcome by our emotional attachment to Dunkin, that we knew we had to do something very special for him. We wanted to create a special place for Dunkin where we could enjoy the beauty of it and our memories of having him in our lives. Julie and I know that if you are here reading this, you love your pet too, and are probably right where we were just a few years ago. We know that you hurt, and believe us, we know your sorrow. Think of the good times that you had, and that you gave your pet a lot of love, and a good home. You will never forget your "friend" - ever, but, time does tend to heal, and knowing that you did the right things with, and for, your pet, will help get you through it.

I promised that I would send some pictures of Dunkin's garden when the time was right. Thanks to everyone at Peternity for your assistance during our difficult time. You created a beautiful, lasting piece of art to help us remember Dunkin, and for that, we are truly thankful. The Magin's - Hendersonville, TN

Pet Memorial Garden

Beloved Dunkin

Dunkin's Special Place Beloved Dunkin Sleeping