Red Alder Wood Pet Urn


Sea Breeze Biodegradable Pet Urn


Oregon Myrtlewood Burl Pet Urn


Pet Urns Under $100

Economical pet urns can still be hand crafted and gorgeous! If any of the pet urns below are too small for your pet (1 cubic inch of space holds 1 pound of live weight) then consider scattering your pet's cremains in a meaningful place and keeping a keepsake size urn to hold a small portion of cremains.

Please note: Some of the styles shown below have multiple sizes with prices above $100.

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Economical Pet Urns

Elder Wood Pet Urn


Blue Galaxy Pet Urn


Play in Leaves Ceramic Pet Urns


Pounce On Grass Ceramic Pet Urns


Little Friends Ceramic Pet Urn


Ocean's Calm Ceramic Pet Urn