Red Alder Wood Pet Urn


Sea Breeze Biodegradable Pet Urn


Oregon Myrtlewood Burl Pet Urn


Pet Urns Under $100

Economical pet urns can still be hand crafted and gorgeous! If any of the pet urns below are too small for your pet (1 cubic inch of space holds 1 pound of live weight) then consider scattering your pet's cremains in a meaningful place and keeping a keepsake size urn to hold a small portion of cremains.

Please note: Some of the styles shown below have multiple sizes with prices above $100.

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Economical Pet Urns

Elder Wood Pet Urn


Play in Leaves Ceramic Pet Urns


Pounce On Grass Ceramic Pet Urns


Little Friends Ceramic Pet Urn


Ocean's Calm Ceramic Pet Urn