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 Bobbi's Garden Memorial  Three Rivers Pet Memorial Stone
Bobbi's Garden Memorial Closer View of the
Three Rivers Pet Memorial Stone

My cat Bobbi walked onto my cousins 8 acre nursery when she was just a kitten.  They had named her Robert and when they brought her to a vet to get fixed, they quickly found out HE was a She and renamed her Bobbi.  Bobbi lived on the nursery for 8 years and greeted all the customers at the front porch.  She would ride in the golf cart with my uncle and she would greet him at the gate every morning at 6 when he would arrive to open the nursery.  She would be at the office door by the time he pulled up in the car!   

My cousin sold his land about 4 yrs ago and needed to find a home for Bobbi. I took her in and quickly realized what a special cat she was!  She became an indoor/patio cat and adjusted quickly.  She learned to use the litter box her first night.  When I had guests over, she would sit on the couch with everyone, never moving, wanting to be a part of the party.  I was amazed to see her one day on the toliet, peeing!  She learned from watching me.  Bobbi quickly became my best friend, sitting on my lap when I worked on computer, laying on the couch watching TV with me.  I have 6 other cats and none of them compared to Bobbi. 

Two years after living with me she was  diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease.  For the next 1 1/2 yrs, she never showed a sign of illness.  The only sign was weight loss.  Bobbi had such a will to live.  I told my vet that I did not want to know the results of her blood work, I did not care to know if she had 2 weeks or 2 years.  Blood work was just for her to adjust Bobbi's treatment.  When Bobbi passed away, she died in my arms, naturally, and I felt her little soul go through me.  Dr. Fernandez told me only after Bobbi died that Bobbi's blood work had been so bad they expected her to die 6 months prior. 

Bobbi was such a special cat, she can never be replaced in my heart. 

 Bobbi  Bobbi in the sun