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Sharing pet memorial resources, information and products with your audience will help to strengthen the emotional connection that you share with your visitors. You are showing your visitors that you are willing to be there with them through the most difficult part of pet ownership - pet loss. Be there for them when the going is tough and make your relationship with your visitors deeper and more meaningful.

We are committed to our customers’ high expectations of what delivers in respect to product and web content. In support of that commitment we seek out affiliates who also provide high quality content and value. We consider several different variables when making our decision to approve or disapprove a potential affiliate. 

The most important piece of criteria that we require is that your website contain valuable text content and images and links. We require that your web pages are comprised of a content ratio of 30/70 –  up to 30% links/70% high value text content, respectively. We reserve the right to make the decision on what we consider high value text content. We do not approve purely ad-bar marketing websites.

We appreciate your understanding of our requirements. 

Just a quick note before you click on the link below to start the application process. In the first section of the application you will be asked to fill in your Referral ID.  This is optional.

Your referral ID is the text that will appear in the linking URL, so use your keywords and type in either your company name or something related to your business' keywords, a short phrase with which you would like to be identified. You can also leave this field blank, but then you will be identified as a random string of numbers such as 8YE9829. If you have any questions about this field, please feel free to please email us or call 877-738-7322.

Take a peek at how you can display links to Peternity on your website.  Click here to view a sample page we've put together which shows a variety of banner links displayed. We're happy to assist you in creating something similar.

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