Welcome to our Peternity family.

We are a small, caring group who are dedicated to honoring and celebrating the love you share with your pets.

 Peternity.com was founded in 2003 and was born out of a need to establish a place that offered unique and beautiful objects to honor ones love of their animal and a place to look for help and an understanding of the deep grief that accompanies their loss.   Each of us has been touched by the loss of a beloved pet and truly understands the heartache of that loss.

The part that REALLY matters most of all to us, with all the choices that exist out there, is that we connect with animal and pet lovers and celebrate that bond AUTHENTICALLY

We are continually looking for unique, handcrafted pieces of art to express your love, joy and memories. We encourage you to celebrate the bond between you and your pet at any time during their lives – a custom painted portrait or unique piece of jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate your pet every day.

 Our standards are high. We search for items of the finest quality and workmanship. Whether it is a beautiful, hand turned wooden urn or a stunning glass memorial bead, each piece has been lovingly crafted and personalized by the hands of an artist. Each piece is original to you and the memory of your beloved furry family member.  Our crafts men and women are all based here in the United States.  We take great price in the concept of handcrafted and AmericianMade

Your thoughts and questions are welcomed. Our goal is to provide memorial items and comfort that are not only of the highest quality, but also with the most personal significance. So, if there is something you don’t see here that would have meaning for you, please let us know and we’ll gladly explore your idea.


Catherine Finkenstaedt - Creative Director

Catherine is an animal lover, pet care company owner and the proud owner of www.Peternity.com, an organization dedicated to celebrating and honoring the love we share with our pets.

For many years she has been dedicated to the care and meaningful lives of household pets.  She and her husband run a pet care business based in Los Angeles and Catherine volunteers her time to A Purposeful Rescue, where she is a board member, to make a significant difference for senior dogs that find themselves abandoned in kill shelters at the end of their lives.

Whatever the pet; a dog, horse, emu, lizard, tortoise Catherine and Peternity believe that all pets deserve the very best in our last tribute to them. We have worked very hard to find the most talented artists to create works of beauty and elegance to mark the passage of our pets.   Catherine enjoys most doing something that brings deep spiritual and emotional satisfaction. This means doing something meaningful for other people and specifically other people with whom she can share her personal experience of joy, love, grief and loss.

In addition to grief support, a virtual pet memorial and image library, books, prayers, poetry, and references for pet care providers, Peternity offers hundreds of pet memorial products. Pet lovers will find pet memorial items ranging from pet grave markers or pet urns to biodegradable pet urns, or pet headstones. The website also offers pet keepsake jewelrycustom pet artpet sculpture and pet keepsake boxes, among many other pet memorial items.

For more information, visit www.Peternity.com.